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30 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Blastoise From Pokemon

Blastoise is a Water-type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Wartortle starting at level 36. It is the final form of Squirtle. It can Mega Evolve into Mega Blastoise using the Blastoisinite. Blastoise is the game mascot of the Japanese and international versions of Pokemon Blue, appearing on the boxart of both. Take a look below for 30 fun and fascinating facts about Blastoise.

1. Blastoise is a large, bipedal turtle-like Pokemon.

2. Its body is blue and is mostly hidden by its tough, brown shell.

3. This shell has a cream-colored underside and a white ridge encircling its arms and separating the upper and lower halves. 

4. Two powerful water cannons reside in the top of shell over its shoulders.

5. These cannons can be extended or withdrawn.

6. Blastoise’s head has triangular ears that are black on the inside, small brown eyes, and a cream-colored lower jaw.

7. Its arms are thick, and it has three claws on each hand.

8. Its feet have three claws on the front and one on the back. Poking out of the bottom of its shell is a stubby tail.

9. The powerful cannons on this Pokémon’s back are capable of producing water blasts that can pierce steel and concrete and can be used for high-speed charges.

10. Blastoise deliberately makes itself heavy to withstand these powerful blasts and to crush its opponents.

11. It has two former signature moves, Skull Bash and Hydro Cannon.

12. The anime has shown that Blastoise can take the role of a leader in large groups of Squirtle and Wartortle.

13. Its preferred habitat seems to be freshwater ponds and lakes.

14. As Mega Blastoise, it develops two smaller shells over its arms, each with their own water cannon. The two cannons on its back are replaced by a single, central water cannon of greater size that can retract into its shell. This cannon extends forward over Mega Blastoise’s head and is said to have a blast range of over 6 miles (10 kilometers).

15. Blastoise shares its category with Kabuto and Kabutops. They are all known as the Shellfish Pokémon.

16. Early concept art for a Pokémon called “Karabajio” resembles Blastoise without its signature water cannons. The name may be a combination of “carapace” and Caravaggio.

17. Blastoise’s design appears to be a turtle mixed with aspects of a tank.

18. Blastoise’s cannons may have been derived from the functioning tubes found in mussels and some other shellfish, thus its category.

19. Blastoise is a combination of blast (referring to its cannons) and tortoise.

20. Gary has a Blastoise that he received as a Squirtle from Professor Oak. It debuted in The Ties That Bind.

21. Tierno has a Blastoise that he received as a Squirtle from Professor Sycamore. He first appeared in Tag Team Battle Inspiration!, having evolved from Wartortle.

22. A Blastoise appeared in Beach Blank-Out Blastoise, where it was ruling over an island of Squirtle and Wartortle had a Jigglypuff stuck in one its cannons and its song made everyone fall asleep.

23. A Blastoise appeared in Fit to be Tide, under the ownership of Cissy. She used it against Ash and his Lapras in a Wave Race for the Coral-Eye Badge. Despite a well-fought race, Ash ultimately won by having Lapras use Ice Beam and riding on the ice. It reappeared in flashbacks of A Way Off Day Off, Hello, Pummelo!, and Viva Las Lapras.

24. Multiple Blastoise appeared in The Pokémon Water War, under the ownership of Captain Aidan. They worked alongside a team of Wartortle and Squirtle that were used to extinguish fires. The team of Blastoise reappeared in a flashback in The Fire-ing Squad!.

25. A Blastoise appeared in Ring Masters as one of the Pokémon competing in Rikishii Town’s Sumo Conference. It went up against Raiden’s Feraligatr and lost despite its extreme strength, thus allowing Feraligatr to proceed to the finals.

26. A Blastoise appeared in One Trick Phony!, where Jessie borrowed it from Battle Park. She then used it against Ash and his Pikachu in an elaborate plan to capture it.

27. A Blastoise appeared in A Family That Battles Together Stays Together!, under the ownership of Lola. She used it to rescue and revive Flint’s Golem after it had fallen into water. It reappeared in a fantasy in Grating Spaces!.

28. A Blastoise appeared in Destiny Deoxys, under the ownership of Sid. It was his main battling Pokémon.

29. A Blastoise appeared in Judgment Day!, under the ownership of Jimmy. His Wartortle evolved into Blastoise while it was still captured by Team Rocket, allowing it to escape with its massive size.

30. Three Blastoise appeared in Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! (Part 2), where Kellyn captured them with his Capture Styler. He had them use Rain Dance in order to douse a forest fire that was caused by J’s Salamence.

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