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27 Fun And Interesting Facts About Caterpie From Pokemon

Caterpie is a Bug-type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Metapod starting at level 7, which evolves into Butterfree starting at level 10. Take a look below for 27 fun and interesting facts about Caterpie.

1. Caterpie is a Pokemon that resembles a green caterpillar with a yellow underside and teardrop-shaped tail.

2. There are yellow ring-shaped markings down the sides of its segmented body, which resemble its eyes and are meant to scare off predators.

3. Its most notable characteristic is the bright red antenna (osmeterium) on its head, which releases a stench to repel predators.

4. Despite these features and its camouflage in green foliage, Caterpie is often preyed upon by Flying-type Pokémon.

5. Its four tiny feet are tipped with suction cups, permitting this Pokémon to scale most surfaces with minimal effort.

6. Caterpie is easy to capture and grows quickly, making it ideal for new Trainers.

7. It will shed its skin many times before finally cocooning itself in thick silk.

8. It can also spit this silk in order to entangle foes as seen in the anime.

9. It has a voracious appetite, which drives it to eat a hundred leaves a day.

10. It will even eat leaves bigger than itself.

11. According to Pokémon Adventures, its favorite food is the Vermilion flower.

12. Caterpie lives in temperate forests and jungles.

13. Caterpie was both the first Pokémon to be captured and the first Pokémon to evolve in the anime.

14. Caterpie shares its category name with Wurmple. They are both known as the Worm Pokémon.

15. Until the release of Pokémon Platinum, when it became able to learn Bug Bite, Caterpie was unable to do anything to a Ghost type except struggling and lowering its Speed. It shares this trait with its evolution, Metapod. This is also true for Weedle, and its evolution, Kakuna, against Steel types before Pokémon Platinum was released.

16. In the anime and in Pokémon Adventures, Caterpie holds the record as the Pokémon who takes the least time to evolve twice, taking only one episode in the anime and one chapter in Pokémon Adventures.

17. In Ash Catches a Pokémon, when Caterpie evolves into Metapod, the process was similar to a real caterpillar going into pupation. Later episodes show Caterpie evolving like the rest of the Pokémon do.

18. Caterpie is tied with Magikarp, Carvanha, Igglybuff, Attack Forme Deoxys, and Weedle for having the lowest Special Defense stat of all Pokémon.

19. Caterpie is a stylized caterpillar, most resembling an Asian swallowtail. Its “antenna” is an osmeterium, an organ unique to swallowtail caterpillars which, like Caterpie, they use to emit a foul odor.

20. The tip of Caterpie’s tail resembles the horn at the rear end of most species of hawk moth larvae.

21. Caterpie is a corruption of caterpillar.

22. Caterpie debuted in Pokémon Emergency!, where Ash encountered it in Viridian Forest. He caught it in Ash Catches a Pokémon, making Caterpie the first Pokémon he caught in the wild. It evolved into Metapod in the same episode after a battle with Team Rocket, and then into Butterfree during the following episode.

23. Caterpie also appeared in I Choose You!, which is set in a different continuity from the main series. It evolved into Metapod during a battle against Pinsir and later into Butterfree after a battle against Primeape.

24. A Caterpie appeared in The Dunsparce Deception, under the ownership of Bucky. He used it to compete in a race with Dunsparce, but it ultimately lost due to its slow speed.

25. A Caterpie appeared in Caterpie’s Big Dilemma, under the ownership of Zander. It ate some of Dr. Gordon’s enhanced Rare Candies and turned giant as a result. It eventually evolved into a Mothra-sized Butterfree.

26. A Caterpie appeared in Butterfree and Me! as a resident of Wayfarer Island. Ash befriended it after realizing it had yet to evolve, which reminded Ash of his own Caterpie. As a result, he helped Caterpie evolve into Metapod and then into Butterfree.

27. A Caterpie appeared in Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village as one of the Pokémon in Melanie’s care. It reappeared in a flashback in Bulbasaur… the Ambassador!.

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