30 Interesting And Fun Facts About Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was born Kimberly Noel Kardashian on October 21, 1980, to Kris Jenner and Robert Kardashian in Los Angeles, California. Her first name, Kimberly, is an English baby girl name which translates into “from the wood of a royal forest.” Take a look below for 30 more interesting and fun facts about Kim Kardashian.

1. Kim comes from a mixed backgrounder. She had an American father and a Dutch-English-Irish-Scottish mother.

2. Her goal as a child was to grow up to be a teacher.

3. She went to Marymount High School, which is an all-girls Catholic school in Los Angeles.

4. When she was 14 years old, she had a massive lavish birthday party held in her honor at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch.

5. Before she was famous, she was a stylist for Lindsay Lohan and Brandy. She also worked as a closet organizer.

6. Her exposure to the media came from her friendship with Paris Hilton, who was another popular American TV personality. The two were known childhood friends.

7. Kim is a high school dropout and she never went to college. However, she is a very successful multi-faced entrepreneur. She’s the star of a popular reality TV show, has published books, been on the cover of Vogue, launched a very popular app, has a clothing line, perfume and is launching numerous other businesses.

8. She’s only 5’2”, or 1.57 meters, tall.

9. Kim was first married at the age of 19 to the music producer Damon Thomas. She divorced him 4 years later, when she was 23. Shen then married Kris Humphries in 2011, and then divorced him 72 days later, citing irreconcilable differences. Since 2014, she’s been married to Kanye West.

10. She first received massive media coverage after a 2003 sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J, a popular American singer, songwriter, record producer and actor, was leaked in 2007.

11. The leaked sex tape earned Kim about $5 million. This was paid to her as a “settlement” by Vivid Entertainment who was distributing the video at the time.

12. In 2008, she was by far the most google celebrity, beating Britney Spears who had previously held the title for 4 years.

13. Kim made a small cameo appearance in the show How I Met Your Mother in 2009.

14. On July 1, 2010, the New York City branch of Madame Tussauds revealed their wax figure of Kim Kardashian.

15. In 2009, she launched an endorsement deal with ShoeDazzle shopping, which she was the co-founder and chief fashion stylist of. She also endorsed multiple other projects, including a vanilla cupcake mix flavor called “Va-Va-Va-Nilla” for the Los Angeles bakery, Famous Cupcakes.

16. She has stated in the past that her role model is Jennifer Lopez. Kim has been quoted for saying, “Everyone knows that I absolutely live for her! There’s never a time she looks bad!”

17. Her favorite supermodels are Cindy Crawford and Linda Evangelista.

18. She dated Nick Lachey, who is Jessica Simpson’s ex-husband, and Lachey hunted that while he was dating Kardashian, she would alert the paparazzi where she was so she could be photographed.

19. Her favorite food are deep-fried Oreos. She also said in interviews that she’s attracted to foods that she knows are bad for her.

20. Since her rise to fame, Kardashian has dated, among other ordinary men, over 10 famous celebrities. That’s not even including the ones she’s married.

21. In one interview, she revealed that her home has to be in immaculate condition. She stated, “I can’t take a shower unless the bathroom is absolutely spotless; I think I’m totally OCD. I have a cleaner who comes three times a week, but I always do the cleaning on top of that.”

22. She’s one of the highest earning reality television stars in history. According to Forbes, her 2016 income was about $51 million; this takes into account her interview fees, profits for her clothing collection, perfume sales, TV appearances and movie roles.

23. In a list of the Top 10 Celebrity Playboy Bunnies, Kardashian came in third, right behind Marilyn Monroe and Pamela Anderson. Kim posed for Playboy in December, 2007.

24. Kardashian has founded a production company called Kimsaprincess Productions, through which she has released 3 successful workout videos.

25. She considers herself to be a spiritual person and believes that her late father contacts her in her dreams. She even told Oprah that her late father is still one of the most important men in her life.

26. Her wedding with Kris Humphries cost her $138,888 per day of their marriage.

27. Before Kardashian married Kanye West, she bought him a $400,000 Lamborghini for his 35th birthday. For his 38th birthday, she rented out the entire Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles for $110,000.

28. Her daughter, North West, was baptized in a Jerusalem Church in April, 2015.

29. Kim was once paid $25,000 to just tweet about a brand.

30. Kardashian doubled her income in 2015, placing 33rd on the Forbes list of World’s Highest Paid Celebrities with an income of $52.5 million.

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