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30 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Magikarp From Pokemon

Magikarp is a Water type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Gyarados starting at level 20. Take a look below for 30 fascinating and interesting facts about Magikarp.

1. Magikarp is a fish Pokemon with large, heavy reddish-orange scales.

2. It has large, vacant eyes and pink lips.

3. Its pectoral and tail fins are white.

4. On its back is stiff, three-peaked yellow fin; there is an identical fin on its underside.

5. It also has long barbels.

6. The barbels are white on a female and tan on a male. 

7. A long-lived Magikarp is able to utilize its immense splashing power to leap high enough to scale mountains.

8. It also has a strong enough immune system to survive in the most polluted of waters. However, it is usually overlooked by Trainers because of its perceived weakness: even in the heat of battle it will do nothing but flop around.

9. It is believed that the ancestors of Magikarp were actually much stronger than modern Magikarp, and this led scientists to research this species.

10. Magikarp is found in many bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers, and ponds. However, due to its weak swimming ability it usually lives downstream of the water’s flow.

11. It is normally seen using its former signature move, Splash, to leap out of the water, which makes it an easy target for predators such as Pidgeotto and Pidgeot.

12. Magikarp is tied with Gyarados and Regigigas for being the lowest level Pokémon encountered in the wild, as well as also tied with Gyarados for the highest level Pokémon encountered in the wild. In Platinum, Magikarp can be found at levels ranging from level 1 to 100 in the Resort Area, and in Black 2 and White 2, it can be found at the same levels in the Nature Preserve; both require a Super Rod.

13. Magikarp and its evolution require the fewest Egg cycles to hatch, with five.

14. Magikarp and its evolution are the only Pokémon with a unique base Egg cycle.

15. Magikarp was the first Pokémon featured in Professor Oak’s Pokémon Lecture in EP061.

16. Magikarp and its evolution’s Egg Group combination (Water 2 and Dragon) is unique.

17. Magikarp is one of fourteen Pokémon that one could collect foreign Pokédex entries for in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

18. Magikarp is the only Pokémon which can be found in every course in the game Pokémon Snap except Rainbow Cloud (which features only Mew).

19. Together with Pichu, Rattata, Ninjask, Goldeen, and Seedot, Magikarp is the easiest Pokémon to catch in Pokémon Ranger, with only one loop necessary.

20. Magikarp is tied with CaterpieWeedle, Igglybuff, Carvanha, Attack Forme Deoxys, and Stonjourner for having the lowest Special Defense stat of all Pokémon.

21. Magikarp is the only Pokémon in Pokémon Conquest that uses a move that would not give it same-type attack bonus in the main series games, as it uses Splash.

22. On July 28, 2016 and May 12, 2017, The Pokémon Company and The Pokémon Company International respectively posted a Magikarp-themed music video onto their YouTube channel titled the Magikarp Song.

23. Magikarp is based on the Asian carp, which are easily frightened by disturbances in water and can jump 8–10 feet (2.5–3 m.) in the air.

24. Magikarp’s evolution into Gyarados is based on a legend about how carp that leaped over the Dragon Gate would become dragons. Several waterfalls and cataracts in China are believed to be the location of the Dragon Gate. This legend is an allegory of the drive and efforts needed to overcome obstacles. This may have inspired an element in Pokémon Snap where, after certain steps are taken, a Magikarp will splash its way into a waterfall where it evolves.

25. Magikarp’s name is a combination of magic and carp, possibly mocking the Magikarp as a species, as someone with “magic” powers is generally thought to be quite powerful, which Magikarp is not (though carp are said to be able to transform into dragons, which is magical in its own way).

26. James’s Magikarp debuted in Battle Aboard the St. Anne!, where he purchased it from the Magikarp salesman. It evolved into a Gyarados in the next episode, after James abandoned it for its uselessness.

27. Several episodes, the first one being Battle Aboard the St. Anne, involved a particular salesman trying to sell certain Pokémon to someone. The person he is usually trying to con is James, and he usually sells Magikarp, claiming that they are very valuable.

28. A giant Magikarp appeared in The Joy of Pokémon. A Nurse Joy from the Orange Islands was revealed to have befriended it after it saved her as a child. It evolved into an equally large Gyarados, but remained friendly.

29. Multiple Magikarp appeared in The Wacky Watcher!, where they were being observed by Quincy T. Quackenpoker, who was interested in learning their migration patterns and evolution process. Ash, Misty, and Tracey helped him with one of these excursions.

30. Three Magikarp appeared in Mantine Overboard!, under the ownership of Luka. They were used to aid her, Ash, and later Misty in their underwater exploration.

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