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27 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Tauros From Pokemon

Tauros is a Normal type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It is not known to evolves into or from any other Pokemon, but is is considered to be a counterpart of Miltank. Take a look below for 27 fun and fascinating facts about Tauros.

1. Tauros is a quadruped, bovine Pokemon.

2. It is covered in light brown fur with a thick, darker brown mane around the neck.

3. It has a rounded muzzle with a dark brown nose, small, triangular eyes, three gray bumps running vertically down its forehead, and a pair of curved, gray horns grows from atop its head.

4. Each of its three black tails has a tuft of fur on the end, and there is a single gray hoof on each foot.

5. Tauros is a male-only species with no female counterpart.

6. Tauros is a violent, rowdy Pokémon that whips itself into a frenzy using its three tails.

7. Once it starts charging, it is unable to stop or change course until it hits something.

8. It lives and travels in herds on plains and grasslands.

9. It will lock horns with others of its kind, and the herd’s protector takes pride in its battle-scarred horns.

10. While still ferocious, Tauros are calmer in Alola than elsewhere, likely due to the region’s climate.

11. The practice of riding Tauros is believed to have started in Alola.

12. Tauros can be seen as a counterpart to Miltank. Both are bovine-like Pokémon with the same base stat total. While Tauros is a male-only species, Miltank is a female-only species.

13. Despite not being associated with a certain group, both Tauros and Miltank are listed on the same Pokédex page in Pokémon Sun and Moon. The same trait is true with Oranguru and Passimian.

14. In Pokémon Sun and Moon, if the player has a Tauros with a Game Boy origin marking, Game Freak Morimoto remarks on how Tauros used to be one of the most powerful Pokémon in the metagame of the Generation I core series games, in part because it could learn Blizzard.

15. Tauros forms a notable bug in Pokémon Play It!, a game largely based on the Trading Card Game. Once the “Tauros” card appears, either in the player’s own deck or that of the digital opponent, the game will shut down or freeze the computer.

16. According to Sun and Moon, Tauros was designed by Shigeki Morimoto.

17. Tauros is based on a bull or a bison and may also be based on the constellation Taurus. Its tail is based on a whip, more specifically the cat o’ nine tails.

18. Tauros may be a shorter form of its Japanese name, Kentauros.

19. It is worth noting that tauros and taurus are, respectively, Greek and Latin for bull. Tauros could also be a corruption of toro (Spanish for bull, derived from the Latin).

20. Ash caught a herd of 30 Tauros in EP035, an episode that was banned in multiple countries due to the prolific use of guns, leading to confusion for many as to how he obtained them. The first time Ash ever used any of his Tauros in a battle was against Drake of the Orange Islands in Hello Pummelo.

21. A Trainer’s Tauros appeared in The Mandarin Island Miss-Match. He battled Ash’s Pokémon, easily defeating Squirtle with Tackle before being knocked out by Charizard‘s Flamethrower.

22. Two Tauros appeared in Get Along, Little Pokémon, under the ownership of Ethan. He used them to pull his stagecoach as he traverses Mandarin Island South.

23. Multiple Tauros appeared in Tricks of the Trade in Palmpona, including one under the ownership of Fernando, a Trainer who managed to get ten consecutive victories in the tournament. Ash brought his from Professor Oak’s Laboratory for this occasion as well, managing to defeat Fernando.

24. A Trainer’s Tauros appeared in Two Hits and a Miss, where he had gone out of control. As a result, Ash had to use his Bulbasaur to stop him.

25. Multiple Tauros appeared in Young Kiawe Had a Farm!, where they were among the Pokémon on Paniola Ranch. Two of them reappeared in The Ol’ Raise and Switch!, where they fought with each other; and in Big Sky, Small Fry!. In The Young Flame Strikes Back!, some of the Tauros attacked Kiawe’s Marowak, and one got annoyed at Ash’s Poipole when he went to grab one of his tails.

26. Three Poké Ride Tauros appeared in Alolan Open House!, where they were stolen by Tupp, Rapp, and Zipp from children at the Pokémon School.

27. A Trainer’s Tauros appeared in The Island Whisperer!, where he attacked Kiawe’s Poké Ride Charizard. The fight was later broken up by Olivia’s Lycanroc, and Tauros was then calmed down by Olivia herself.

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