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25 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Weedle From Pokemon

Weedle is a dual-type Bug and Poison Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Kakuna starting at level 7, which evolves into Beedrill starting at level 10. Take a look below for 25 fun and fascinating facts about Pokemon.

1. Weedle is a larval Pokemon with a segmented body ranging in color from yellow to reddish-brown.

2. Each segment of its body is a sphere.

3. It has a bulbous red nose on its face and two spherical feet on each body segment.

4. The combination of red and yellow coloration creates a bright warning to predators that it is poisonous.

5. Weedle has a conical, two-inch (five centimeter) venomous stinger on its head and a barbed one on its tail.

6. Weedle can retaliate against attackers and those who step on it with its strong toxin.

7. It can distinguish its favorite kinds of leaves using its acute sense of smell.

8. As a young Bug Pokémon, its daily appetite for leaves matches its weight.

9. Weedle can be found in temperate forests and usually hides in grass, bushes, and under the leaves it eats.

10. Weedle has the lowest base stat total of all Poison-type Pokémon.

11. Weedle is tied with Magikarp, Carvanha, Igglybuff, Caterpie, and Attack Forme Deoxys for having the lowest Special Defense stat of all Pokémon.

12. Weedle is tied with Gastly for having the lowest base Defense of all Poison-type Pokémon, as well as being tied with Ledyba for having the lowest base Defense of all Bug-type Pokémon.

13. Until Pokémon Platinum, Weedle was completely incapable of dealing damage to Steel-type Pokémon—outside of Struggle—because it could only learn Poison Sting, to which Steel types are immune. From Platinum onward, Weedle can learn Bug Bite.

14. An early design of Weedle’s sprite was shown on Game Freak’s official Japanese website.

15. Weedle was the inspiration for the naming of Stentorceps weedlei, a species of wasps. Both Weedle and Stentorceps weedlei exhibit the distinctive feature of having a spine in the middle of the organism’s head.

16. Weedle is the only Pokémon that cannot legitimately know any Normal-type moves.

17. Weedle appears to be based on the larva of a wasp or hornet.

18. Weedle’s red nose and legs also resemble spots that appear on the larvae of some species of wasp or hornet.

19. Weedle may be a combination of worm and needle, referring to the stingers on its body. It may also be a corruption of weevil, another sort of bug.

20. Multiple Weedle debuted in Challenge of the Samurai, where Ash was very close to catching one. He used his newly caught Pidgeotto to battle, Weedle was knocked unconscious and when Ash was about to throw his Poké Ball, Samurai came up and asked Ash if he was a Trainer from Pallet Town. This distracted Ash from catching the Weedle, so it got away. This same Weedle later warned its kind, and together, they tried to avenge its attempted capture by attacking his friends.

21. A Weedle appeared in The Bug Stops Here. Casey caught it during the Bug-Catching Contest, and later released it in accordance with the Contest rules.

22. A Weedle appeared in The Kangaskhan Kid.

23. A Weedle appeared in The Ultimate Test, under the ownership of a Trainer who allowed Todd to photograph it. Due to a coloring error, this Weedle was colored green like a Caterpie. Generation II revealed that Shiny Weedle are green as well.

24. A Trainer’s Weedle appeared in Mewtwo Strikes Back as one of the Pokémon Mewtwo defeated while serving for Giovanni.

25. Multiple pink Weedle appeared in In the Pink as residents of Pinkan Island.

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