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25 Awesome And Interesting Facts About Hariyama From Pokemon

Hariyama is a Fighting type Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Makuhita starting at level 24. Take a look below for 25 awesome and interesting facts about Hariyama.

1. Hariyama is a large, bulky Pokemon that is modeled after a sumo wrestler.

2. It has narrow eyes and rounded ears.

3. On its head is a short, triangular crest. 

4. Dark blue hair grows across the tops of its eyes, around the head crest, and extends down its back to form a long ponytail. 

5. The upper half of its body is cream-colored, while the lower half is dark blue.

6. Yellow extensions encircle its waist, resembling a skirt.

7. There is a small, orange half-circle marking in the center of its torso just above the skirt.

8. Hariyama has large hands with three fingers and small, two-toed feet.

9. Both its hands and feet are orange.

10. Hariyama’s body consists mostly of muscle instead of fat.

11. When its body tenses, its muscles become as hard as stone.

12. It likes to match power with other big-bodied Pokémon, and can stomp the ground to build its own power.

13. Trucks can be sent flying, telephone poles broken in two, and trains can even be stopped by its powerful slapping arms.

14. They are kindhearted and practice etiquette, praising its battle opponents.

15. As it grows older, it focuses more on training Makuhita.

16. It is the only known Pokémon to know the move Smelling Salts.

17. It lives in mountainous areas.

18. Every one of Hariyama’s base stats are exactly double those of its pre-evolution Makuhita.

19. Hariyama has the highest HP base stat of all Fighting-type Pokémon.

20. Hariyama has a higher catch rate than its pre-evolution.

21. Hariyama is based on a sumo wrestler.

22. Hariyama debuted in Brave the Wave. Brawly’s Makuhita evolved into the Arm Thrust Pokémon while battling against Ash during a Gym battle.

23. A Hariyama debuted in Choose It or Lose It!, under the ownership of Tyson. In the next episode, it was used in his battle with Ash, where it was able to defeat Torkoal and Corphish before losing to Swellow.

24. A Hariyama appeared in Wheel of Frontier, under the ownership of Greta. It was used during her battle against Ash at the Battle Arena, during which it defeated Grovyle before being defeated by Snorlax despite it having a type disadvantage.

25. A Hariyama appeared in Pikachu’s Island Adventure, where it, along with a Chatot and Exploud, assisted Meowth and his cronies in claiming an island and kicking out its current residents. As a result, Pikachu and his friends agreed to help the original resident Pokémon reclaim the island.

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