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25 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Bonsly From Pokemon

Bonsly is a Rock type baby Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves into Sudowoodo when leveled up while knowing Mimic. Take a look below for 25 amazing and interesting facts about Bonsly.

1. Bonsly is a round, brown Pokemon with the top of its head resembling a club.

2. A rim goes around the middle of its body.

3. There are three yellow spots on its face, two of which surround its eyes, which are small black dots.

4. It has short legs and toeless feet.

5. Bonsly also has a hole on its rear similar to the draining hole of a flowerpot.

6. Bonsly is a good mimic, making it often mistaken for a real bonsai tree, though it can easily stand out in a dry environment that lacks greenery.

7. As its green spheres dry out, their dull luster increases.

8. It can remain in the same spot for a long time.

9. It also has a habit of crying, not because it is sad or needing attention, but rather it is due to excess moisture in its body. 

10. As it cries, it expels both sweat and tears from its eyes; Bonsly sweat tastes a little salty, while the tears are slightly bitter.

11. It dies if it gets too damp with this moisture.

12. This habit also gets enemies to let their guards down. 

13. It prefers dry areas, but it isn’t uncommon to see one in a garden.

14. As suggested by Brock’s Bonsly, a very young Bonsly needs to be bottle-fed but can eat solid food when it matures.

15. Bonsly’s English name was revealed on June 16, 2005, which was still before Pokémon Emerald was released in Japan.

16. Bonsly is the only Pokémon yet that is usable in-game by a player during the generation before its release, as it was on the Battle Bingo Bonsly Card.

17. Both Bonsly and Munchlax had their cries revealed at the same time, in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness, being the first Generation IV Pokémon to receive this treatment.

18. Bonsly has the lowest base Special Attack stat of any Pokémon, tied with Shuckle, Feebas, and Alolan Sandshrew.

19. Bonsly may be based on petrified wood, plants which have become fossilized over time, placed into a flowerpot. Similarly, it may simply be modeled on the bonsai tree itself.

20. Bonsly is a combination of bonsai (miniature tree) and sly or lie.

21. In From Cradle to Save, Brock caught a baby Bonsly and took care of him. He was needy and prone to stress. Bonsly eventually evolved into a Sudowoodo in Leave it To Brocko!.

22. Bonsly debuted in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, where it followed Ash and his friends during their mission to rescue Pikachu, befriending May in the process. By the end of the movie, it befriended a Mew and became a permanent resident of the Tree of Beginning, where Mew resided.

23. A Bonsly appeared in King and Queen for a Day. It and a Mime Jr. that were stars of a television show went missing and were eventually discovered to be sick when they were found. As a result, Brock’s Bonsly and James’s Mime Jr. had to fill in for them.

24. A wild Bonsly appeared in PK15, where it joined Pikachu and the other Pokémon on the trip to the haunted house.

25. A Bonsly appeared in The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore!, where it was one of the Pokémon seen at the Sunyshore City Pokémon Center.

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