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27 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Sudowoodo From Pokemon

Sudowoodo is a Rock type Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves from Bonsly when leveled up while knowing Mimic. In Generation II, its remakes and Pokemon Emerald, wild Sudowoodo can be found blocking the road in inconvenient locations in Johto and Hoenn. In order to catch one, a Trainer must first squirt it with water from either a SquirtBottle or Wailmer Pail. Take a look below for 27 amazing and interesting facts about Sudowoodo.

1. Sudowoodo has a brown, log shaped body with yellow spots.

2. It has short legs with toeless feet and thin forelegs with three green spheres at the ends.

3. It has a forked “branch” on top of its head, which is shorter on the female than on the male.

4. Despite its appearance, Sudowoodo’s composition is closer to a rock than a plant.

5. Sudowoodo disguises itself as a tree and stands along paths to avoid being attacked.

6. Its camouflage fails in the winter, as its forelegs remain green unlike real trees.

7. Sudowoodo is very weak to water and hates it, so it flees when it starts to rain.

8. Because it holds its position for so long, its arms have become supple yet strong.

9. It is popular with the elderly, with available magazines and fans devoted to its arm angle and length.

10. Sudowoodo can be found living in forests.

11. Sudowoodo was created by Ken Sugimori.

12. Sudowoodo has the same height as Lanturn (3’11”), and its pre-evolution also has the same height as Lanturn’s pre-evolution (1’08”).

13. In Generation II, only one Sudowoodo appears (from being sprayed with water from a SquirtBottle). Similarly, in Generation III, only one Sudowoodo appears—this time as the result of a spray from the Wailmer Pail. However, in Generation IV, the player can get multiple Sudowoodo by evolving Bonsly or by catching it in grass.

14. Sudowoodo’s habit of disguising itself as a tree has been occasionally shown in the games.

15. In the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, Sudowoodo stand still in dungeons, in a similar manner to the Sudowoodo in Johto.

16. In Pokémon X and Y, a Sudowoodo can be encountered in a Horde Encounter with four Trevenant.

17. In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Sudowoodo, along with Skuntank, Togekiss, Fearow and Yanma, weighs as much as Lucas.

18. Sudowoodo may based on petrified wood, plants that become fossilized over time. It may also be based on the concept of mimicry.

19. Sudowoodo is a combination of pseudo (prefix meaning false) and wood.

20. Brock’s Bonsly evolved into Sudowoodo in Leave It To Brocko!. Although needy and easily distressed as a Bonsly, as a Sudowoodo, he proved a strong and reliable partner.

21. Sudowoodo debuted in Type Casting. Two Pokémon researchers, Marie and Pierre, were arguing over the issue of whether Sudowoodo as a species is a Grass- or Rock-type. As a result, they pursued one in order to prove their own points to each other.

22. A Sudowoodo appeared in Camp Pikachu, where it was pretending to be part of a tree and greedily kept some grapes for itself rather than share them with the Pichu Brothers.

23. A golden Sudowoodo appeared in All That Glitters is Not Golden, under the ownership of Keenan. He experimented on it with the hopes of giving it a resistance against the Water-type Pokémon, but he made it turn golden in color in the process. Sudowoodo, however, was unhappy with the change, and was eventually reverted to its previous type and coloration.

24. A Sudowoodo appeared in Pikachu and the Pokémon Music Squad. It noticed the fight between Meowth, Chespin, and a Torchic over a Pecha Berry.

25. A Sudowoodo appeared in The Power of Us, under the ownership of Callahan. Callahan saved Sudowoodo by catching the Golduck that was chasing it. Afterwards, it followed Callahan around before being caught by him.

26. A Sudowoodo appeared in A Bite to Remember.

27. A Sudowoodo appeared in Forging Forest Friendships!, where Team Rocket had captured it and a Bonsly in a net. They were eventually freed by Ash when a Trevenant asked for his help.

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