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12 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Sinistea From Pokemon

Sinistea is a Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves into Polteageist when exposed to a Cracked Pot or a Chipped Pot. The item required depends on its form. The Phony Form (if it lacks a mark of authenticity) requires a Cracked Pot to evolve. The Antique Form (if it has a mark of authenticity) requires a Chipped Pot to evolve. Take a look below for 12 fun and fascinating facts about Sinistea.

1. Sinistea are said to be created when a lonely spirit possesses a cold, leftover cup of tea.

2. The teacup that Sinistea lives in is a famous piece of antique tableware; seafoam green in color with a lacy pattern that resembles a face and gold rims.

3. However, there are many forgeries in circulation.

4. Antique Form Sinistea has a mark of authenticity on the bottom of the cup, whereas Phony Form Sinistea lacks it.

5. This mark appears as a light grey emblem on the bottom inside rim of the cup.

6. The swirl pattern on Sinistea’s purple body serves as a weakness.

7. Should a Sinistea get stirred, the swirl will disappear and cause it to get dizzy.

8. Sinistea can absorb the life-force of anyone who drinks it. 

9. While it can wait patiently, most of Sinistea’s opportunities end up being short, as it tastes so bad that it is spat out immediately.

10. Sinistea is the smallest Ghost-type Pokémon, and is tied with Joltik, Flabébé, Cutiefly, Comfey, and Cosmoem as the smallest Pokémon overall.

11. Sinistea appears to be based on a poltergeist, a mischievous ghost that possesses objects, and a teacup as well as black tea.

12. Sinistea may be a combination of sinister and tea.

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