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25 Awesome And Amazing Facts About Cosmoem From Pokemon

Cosmoem is a Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation VII. It evolves from Cosmog starting at level 43 and evolves into either Solgaleo or Lunala starting at level 53 depending on the game it evolves in. In Pokémon Sun, Ultra Sun, and Sword, Cosmoem evolves into Solgaleo. In Pokémon Moon, Ultra Moon, and Shield, Cosmoem evolves into Lunala. Take a look below for 25 awesome and amazing facts about Cosmoem.

1. Cosmoem is a Pokemon in the shape of a translucent, dark blue orb with a starscape pattern set in a golden shell like structure.

2. The main portion of the shell is a flat oval around the center of the orb.

3. Eight more flat, half-oval projections surround the orb in an asterisk-shape.

4. At the center of the main body is a much smaller black core.

5. The upper half of the core has a thin blue line on the front, back, and each side, while the lower has pink lines.

6. On the front are two orange semicircles, which appear to be closed eyes. 

7. The overall shape of this Pokémon also resembles an eye.

8. Encased in its sturdy, cocoon-like shell, Cosmoem is unable to move.

9. In Pokémon Refresh, it cannot even eat.

10. It grows as it absorbs starlight and the dust in the air.

11. Its body is warm to the touch.

12. Cosmoem’s shell is said to be harder than any known material.

13. In ancient times, it was worshipped as the “cocoon of the stars” by the people of Alola.

14. Cosmoem is one of the smallest Pokémon tying with Joltik, Flabébé, Cutiefly, and Comfey.

15. Despite this, it is also the heaviest Pokémon, being tied with Celesteela.

16. In Pokémon Sun and Moon, Cosmoem has a base experience yield of 80.

17. With its pre-evolved form weighing in at 0.1kg and Cosmoem at 999.9kg, the evolution from Cosmog to Cosmoem is the largest increase in weight due to evolution with an increase of 999,800%.

18. Cosmoem is the smallest Psychic-type and Legendary Pokémon.

19. Cosmoem has the highest base Special Defense stat of all second stage Pokémon.

20. Cosmoem is tied with Celesteela as the heaviest Pokémon.

21. Cosmoem has characteristics of both a stylized sun and a stylized moon, having rays and a pair of crescents, respectively. Its enormous weight despite its extremely small size shares similarities with super-compressed astronomical bodies such as black holes and neutron stars. Given its description, it seems to be an embodiment of star formation in general. It may also be based on the idea of the world egg. When viewed from the front, its shape resembles an eye.

22. Cosmoem may be a combination of cosmo and embryo.

23. Cosmoem debuted in Faba’s Revenge!, where Nebby evolved into it after being trapped in a device constructed by Faba. Nebby later evolved into a Solgaleo in Revealing the Stuff of Legend! after being blessed by the guardian deities.

24. Nebby was revealed to have evolved into a Cosmoem in A Raid and Po Town. It later evolved into Lunala.

25. A Cosmog that was given to Guzma by the Aether Foundation was revealed to have evolved into a Cosmoem in PASM23. It reappeared in PASM24, evolving into Solgaleo soon after.

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