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19 Fun And Awesome Facts About Polteageist From Pokemon

Polteageist is a Ghost-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves from Sinistea when exposed to a Cracked Pot or a Chipped Pot. The item required depends on its form. The Phony Form (if it lacks a mark of authenticity) requires a Cracked Pot to evolve. The Antique Form (if it has a mark of authenticity) requires a Chipped Pot to evolve. Take a look below for 19 fun and awesome facts about Polteageist.

1. Polteageist is a specter Pokemon with a purple body with yellow eyes, mouth, and lower body.

2. It has thin arms and three digit hands, it also has two small legs.

3. It possesses a large, white teapot with cracks and holes on it, exposing parts of Polteageist’s body.

4. The teapot has a yellow handle, with the rims of the cover and bottom also being yellow.

5. The top half of the teapot is blue with swirly patterns surrounding the teapot.

6. It is made of black tea that tastes very good, but can cause indigestion or stomach aches if drunk in excess.

7. Only its trainer is allowed to drink the tea.

8. They live in hotels and restaurants to infect teapots to create more of their own kind.

9. As such, Polteageist is a genderless species.

10. Most of the teapots that Polteageist infects are forgeries, but occasionally an authentic one is found (with a mark of authenticity on the bottom).

11. Polteageist attacks by shooting tea at its enemy’s mouth, causing them strong chills when swallowed.

12. Polteageist is the only known Pokémon capable of using the move Teatime.

13. Polteageist may be based on a poltergeist, a mischievous ghost that possesses objects, and a teapot and black tea.

14. It may also be inspired by the idea of a genie, which are often depicted as residing in oil lamps.

15. Its forms may be based on Teapot forgeries being done in Britain.

16. Polteageist pouring its body into teacups to create Sinistea could be a reference to the act of pouring tea from a kettle into a cup, which is then drunk from.

17. Additionally it may be based on the yokai Morinji-no-okama.

18. Polteageist may be a combination of poltergeist and tea.

19. A Trainer’s Polteageist appeared in Buddy.

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