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30 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Darmanitan From Pokemon

Darmanitan is a Fire type Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It evolves from Darumaka starting at level 35. Darmanitan has the ability to change forms during battle, depending on its Ability and current HP. When it enters Zen Mode, it is Fire and Psychic type. In Galar, Darmanitan has an Ice type regional form. It evolves from Galarian Darumaka when exposed to an Ice Stone. When it enters Zen Mode, it is Ice and Fire type. Take a look below for 30 fascinating and interesting facts about Darmanitan.

1. In its normal state, Darmanitan is a mainly red, squat ape like Pokemon.

2. It has long, bushy flame eyebrows that curl at the base, and round, black-ringed eyes.

3. The upper portion of its tan face is separated from the lower portion by a diagonal red stripe, and its large mouth sports spiked teeth.

4. All these facial features give the impression of a manic or angered expression.

5. Its head has no discernible neck to distinguish it from the rest of the body and its rounded back, which culminates in a stubby tail.

6. It has long arms with spiky hair fringes on the wrists and large tan hands, with a similar arrangement for its hind limbs.

7. Additionally, Darmanitan has three tan ovals on its underside.

8. In its normal state, it is immensely strong physically; a single punch can destroy a dump truck.

9. During Zen Mode, which is accessed by Darmanitan with the hidden Ability Zen Mode, its red and tan fur changes blue as it bears the resemblance of a Daruma doll.

10. Its eyes turn blank, and its limbs fuse with its body, rendering them immobile. 

11. It also only has three toes, as opposed to normal Darmanitan having five.

12. In this state, it is hard as a rock. 4

13. As it is rendered immobile, it uses spiritual and emotional strength to battle and to perform everyday activities such as gather and eat food.

14. Galarian Darmanitan has white and blue fur with a giant snowball “afro”, a thicker coat than regular Darmanitan, and several ice gems in its fur.

15. In Galar, Darmanitan adapts to the cold by developing an organ that produces cold air while its flame sac becomes dormant. The fire sac has a fighting spirit sleeping within. Also, its nature cools down from a belligerent personality to a timid one.

16. It becomes so timid that it will pretend to be a snowman when it senses humans nearby. The snowball on its head serves as a way of preserving food and other things it finds by storing them in the snowball itself. When in battle, it freezes its snowball in order to release powerful headbutts, becoming useful in various situations.

17. Galarian Darmanitan Zen Mode resembles a snowman with a warped smile on its false top “head”, and an angry grin on its lower body, showing razor sharp teeth. It has two orange hands on either side of its body.

18. When it enters Zen Mode, the dormant flame sac reignites back to life. This causes Galarian Darmanitan to change from a gentle disposition into a rampaging state, unleashing fire everywhere without any care for its surroundings, nor if its body starts to melt. It will continue rampaging indiscriminately until its rage is completely gone.

19. No Pokémon have the same type combination as Galarian Zen Mode Darmanitan.

20. Galarian Darmanitan is the only regional form with an alternate form.

21. Zen Mode Darmanitan is the only alternate form that does not appear in Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon.

22. Zen Mode Darmanitan is tied with Litwick for the lowest base Attack stat of all Fire-type Pokémon.

23. Zen Mode Galarian Darmanitan has the highest base Speed stat of all Ice-type and Fire-type Pokémon.

24. Zen Mode Galarian Darmanitan is also tied with Mega Blaziken for the highest base Attack of all non-legendary Fire-type Pokémon.

25. Galarian Darmanitan with Gorilla Tactics and a Choice Band has the highest possible attack on turn 1 of a battle.

26. Darmanitan appears to be based on gorillas, orangutans, and the Daruma doll. It is may also be based on the adage of the three wise monkeys—”See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”—as Darmanitan in their Zen Mode have their eyes become blank, their mouths shut tightly and their ears covered, sitting patiently in contrast to their bold posture in Standard Mode. Its Zen Mode may be based on Bodhidharma, achieving enlightenment. The varying presence of pupils between its Standard Mode and Zen Mode reflects the practice of painting in the eyes of a Daruma doll, and their symbolic value in relation to goal fulfillment.

27. In addition to the origins of its original form, Galarian Darmanitan seems to be based on the yeti. Its Zen Mode is appears to based on a snowman, known as a yukidaruma in Japanese, with a firecracker for a nose. Its Fire-type may be a reference to atavism, the reappearance of an ancestral trait after having been lost through evolutionary change in previous generations.

28. Darmanitan may be a combination of Dharma (alternate spelling of daruma) and orangutan.

29. Darmanitan debuted in Saving Darmanitan From the Bell! alongside two Darumaka. Darmanitan and the Darumaka lived in a clock tower. When the tower started to break, Darmanitan stopped the loose bell from collapsing. However, due to fatigue, it transformed into its Zen Mode and used its Psychic to keep the bell in midair, while the Darumaka stole food to keep its energy up.

30. A Darmanitan appeared in Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader!, under the ownership of Bianca’s father. Both its Zen Mode and Standard Mode were featured. It was used in a battle against Ash, where it battled Oshawott and came out victorious. It had the nickname of Red Flash Darmanitan.

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