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28 Fun And Interesting Facts About Ho-Oh From Pokemon

Ho-Oh is a dual type Fire and Flying Legendary Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokemon. It is often considered to be closely related to Lugia as a duo, even sometimes as its polar opposite. Silver represents Lugia as “guardian of the seas,” and Gold represents Ho-Oh as “guardian of the skies.” Ho-Oh is also the trio master of the Legendary beasts.

Ho-Oh is the game mascot of Pokemon Gold and its remake Pokemon HeartGold, appearing on the boxart of both. Take a look below for 28 fun and interesting facts about Ho-Oh.

1. Ho-Oh is an avian Pokemon resembling a phoenix and a peacock.

2. Its feathers are predominantly gold and red, with yellow tail-feathers, a white underside, and green feathers at the tip of its wings.

3. Ho-Oh has a green stripe on its neck, a yellow beak, black rings around its red eyes, and a feathered, yellow crest on its head.

4. Ho-Oh’s wings are prismatic, causing it to trail a rainbow behind it.

5. It has darkly colored feet and legs with four toes and long talons.

6. Ho-Oh has a mythical power to resurrect the dead.

7. Ho-Oh was the only known Pokémon to learn Sacred Fire, its former signature move.

8. It is said that when it flies its huge wings create bright, colorful rainbows.

9. The rare few who bear witness to Ho-Oh are promised an eternal happiness.

10. Ho-Oh used to perch at the top of the Bell Tower until the Brass Tower was destroyed by fire.

11. It now presumably flies through the world’s skies in search of a Trainer with a pure heart.

12. Ho-Oh is the first Generation II Pokémon to be shown in the anime, making it the first sign that the franchise would ever expand beyond 151 Pokémon. It is seen at the end of the very first episode of the anime. However, the Pokédex does not know what it is.

13. Aside from the opening theme song, which featured MewtwoMew, and the Legendary birds of Kanto, Ho-Oh was also the first Legendary Pokémon ever seen in the anime.

14. Ho-Oh’s name is a palindrome.

15. Ho-Oh has the highest base Special Defense stat of all Fire-type Pokémon and is tied with Lugia for the highest base Special Defense stat of all Flying-type Pokémon.

16. It is directly implied in a myth in Gold, Silver, Crystal, HeartGold, and SoulSilver that Ho-Oh revived RaikouEntei, and Suicune upon their original deaths.

17. As of Generation VI, Ho-Oh is the only game mascot to lose its signature move.

18. From Generation VI onward, Ho-Oh is the heaviest Pokémon that can be taken to the sky by using Sky Drop.

19. Ho-Oh may be based on the legend of the phoenix, specifically the Fenghuang, the immortal phoenix of China from which it derives its name. It may also be based on the Huma bird, a legendary bird that is said to never rest, living its entire life flying continuously, and resurrects itself and others in its ashes and flames; it is a symbol of fortune and friendship and will bestow happiness to anyone who simply glimpses it.

20. Many cultures view the Phoenix and Huma as symbols of resurrection; this is seen in Ho-Oh, which was reborn rising from its ashes and had a hand in resurrecting Suicune, Raikou and Entei; additionally, this is also reflected by its Hidden Ability Regenerator.

21. Given its category, it may also be an embodiment of the rainbow, very likely inspired by the multicolored aspect of the Fenghuang or by the rainbow-feathered bird god Achiyalabopa. Ho-Oh could also be inspired by many other firebirds; some notable examples are the three-legged bird, Simurgh, and the Ember Bird.

22. Ho-Oh and Houou are derived from Hōō, Japanese for the fènghuáng (Chinese phoenix). The ou may also refer to ō (emperor) or ō (king).

23. According to the anime, Ho-Oh lived in the Tin Tower in ancient times. When a war broke out, burning both the Tin Tower and the Brass Tower down, it created Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, and all four disappeared. Later, a new Tin Tower was erected, but Ho-Oh since then has never come back for sure. A sacred flame from Ho-Oh burns in the Dragon’s Den; it was obtained during the same war.

24. Ho-Oh appeared to Ash at the end of Pokémon – I Choose You!, flying alongside a rainbow across the sky after the thunderstorm. After competing in the Silver Conference, Ash saw Ho-Oh flying towards Hoenn. This encouraged him to get over his depression at his loss and continue his journey. Ho-Oh was seen flying into the sunset at the end of Battling the Enemy Within!. This time, Brock, May, Max, Scott, and Brandon saw Ho-Oh as well. Ho-Oh reappeared in I Choose You!, which is based in a continuity different from the main series. In the movie, it played a major role.

25. A Ho-Oh appeared in a flashback during Pop Goes The Sneasel, where it used its then-signature move, Sacred Fire.

26. A Ho-Oh made a brief cameo appearance in the opening sequence of Jirachi: Wish Maker.

27. Two Ho-Oh made brief cameos in Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. The first appeared during the opening intro of the movie, while the other was simply one of Mew’s transformations.

28. A Ho-Oh made a brief cameo appearance in the opening sequence of The Rise of Darkrai, where it was seen flying through space.

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