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28 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Oshawott From Pokemon

Oshawott is a Water type Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It evolves into Dewott starting at level 17, which evolves into Samurott starting at level 36. Along with Snivy and Tepig, Oshawott is one of three starter Pokemon of Unova available at the beginning of Pokemon Black, White, Black 2, and White 2. Take a look below for 28 fun and fascinating facts about Oshawott.

1. Oshawott is a bipedal sea otter like Pokemon.

2. It has a spherical white head with small, triangular dark-blue ears on the sides.

3. Oshawott’s eyes are dark and its dark orange nose is shaped like a horizontal oval.

4. Several freckles cover its cheeks which may be premature whiskers, and two pointed teeth can be seen when it opens its mouth.

5. The light blue fur on its body forms bubble shapes around its neck.

6. Its arms are white and rounded, while its feet are dark blue with three toes each.

7. It also possesses a rudder-like dark blue tail.

8. It carries a pale yellow seashell called a “scalchop” on its belly.

9. This shell is made of the same material as its claws, and is used for both battle and cracking hard berries.

10. If heavily damaged or lost, Oshawott can grow new ones from its body, through it can take weeks.

11. Oshawott and its fellow Unova starter Pokémon were first revealed as silhouettes on the May 9, 2010 episode of Pokémon Sunday. They were later revealed in full in the June 2010 issue of CoroCoro.

12. Oshawott has the lowest base stat total of all Water-type starter Pokémon.

13. Oshawott is the only Water-type starter Pokémon that is not a member of the Water 1 Egg Group.

14. Oshawott was designed by Yūsuke Ōmura. It was also the last Generation V starter Pokémon to be created, with the staff noting that they always have some difficulty coming up with concepts for the Water-type starters.

15. In Pokémon Black and White, Oshawott, along with Snivy and Tepig, has the lowest experience yield of all Pokémon, with a base value of 28. This was done specifically for the first two battles of the games, so the player’s starter wouldn’t level up after defeating Bianca and thus have a level advantage over Cheren.

16. From Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 onward, their base experience yield was raised to 62 to bring them in line with the other starter Pokémon in the series.

17. Oshawott is based on a sea otter pup and samurai.

18. The way that its scalchop rests on its belly resembles the way otters look when cracking open shells to eat. This scalchop also holds similarities with Japanese war fans, which were often used by samurai for defensive purposes. Ken Sugimori said that Oshawott and its evolved forms were the hardest for the team to design during production, as conceptualizing its evolved forms were difficult.

19. They eventually settled on a samurai theme, and a trip to an aquarium inspired them to incorporate elements of sea lions.

20. Oshawott may be a combination of ocean, shell, water, wash, and otter.

21. Ash’s Oshawott debuted in In The Shadow of Zekrom!, initially under the ownership of Professor Juniper. He began to admire Ash and decided to leave the lab and follow him wherever he went. He then rescued Ash and Iris from Team Rocket in Enter Iris and Axew!, and reappeared again in A Sandile Gusher of Change!, where he officially joined Ash’s party.

22. An Oshawott appeared in New Places… Familiar Faces! as a starter Pokémon Professor Juniper offered for Nanette. However, she chose Tepig instead.

23. Multiple Trainers’ Oshawott appeared in Crowning the Scalchop King!. They were taking part in the Scalchop King Competition at Scalchop Island in the Decolore Islands.

24. Multiple Trainers’ Oshawott appeared in A Connoisseur’s Revenge!, where they were some of the Pokémon at a Poké Mart near Castelia City. A flashback of Burgundy’s Dewott as an Oshawott was also shown, after it had been beaten by Cilan’s Pansage in a Gym battle.

25. An Oshawott appeared in a fantasy in Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals!.

26. A Trainer’s Oshawott appeared in I Choose You!.

27. A Trainer’s Oshawott appeared during the Poké Problem segment of When Regions Collide!.

28. Two Oshawott appeared in I Choose Paradise!, under the ownership of different Trainers. They were among the Pokémon seen at the Pokémon Paradise Resort.

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