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25 Fun And Interesting Facts About Emboar From Pokemon

Emboar is a dual type Fire and Fighting Pokemon introduced in Generation V. It evolves from Pignite starting at level 36. It is the final form of Tepig. Take a look below for 25 fun and interesting facts about Emboar.

1. Emboar is a bulky, bipedal Pokemon with pig like features.

2. It has a red nose, large bushy black eyebrows, and two tusks protruding from its lower jaw.

3. Constantly burning flames cover the front of its neck and shoulders.

4. It has short legs and thick arms.

5. Its arms have orange upper portions while the legs have red upper portions.

6. All of its limbs have black lower portions with thin yellow lines where the upper and lower colors meet. 

7. These lines are straight on the arms and spiked on the legs.

8. The arms have red lines around the wrists and tufts of fur on the elbows.

9. The hands are tipped with three claws, while the feet have two claws.

10. A large, dark horizontal stripe on the chest of Emboar has swirled yellow markings.

11. Its small tail ends in a tuft of hair.

12. Using the wreath of flames on its neck and shoulders, Emboar will set its hands on fire.

13. It uses its power and speed to master fighting moves.

14. Though very tough and relentless when fighting, it shows deep affection for those it considers friends.

15. It can also unleash powerful blasts of fire using only its nose and cloak its body in a fire to use Heat Crash.

16. Emboar is the only starter Pokémon that has a different Hidden Ability than its evolutionary relatives.

17. Emboar has the lowest base Special Defense stat of all fully evolved starter Pokémon.

18. Emboar has the highest base HP stat of all fully evolved starter Pokémon.

19. Emboar is tied with Sceptile and Inteleon for the lowest base Defense stat of all fully evolved starter Pokémon.

20. Emboar, Samurott, and Serperior all share the same base stat total of 528.

21. Emboar and its evolutionary relatives were created by Lee HyunJung.

22. Emboar appears in Pokémon Battle Chess. Along with Victini, it is the only piece that has its power raised when damaged. Also, along with Zoroark, Emboar doesn’t behave like any traditional piece in chess.

23. Emboar is based on the character of Zhang Fei of Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Ken Sugimori has said that Tepig, Pignite, and Emboar were designed in a Chinese style. Because of this, Emboar may be based on Zhu Bajie, a pig demon from the Chinese tale Journey to the West. Emboar looks much like a British Saddleback or wild boar in a wrestling singlet. The swirl pattern around its abdomen resembles the patterns on a ding or ancient Greek pottery. The fire in its Shiny coloration refers to blue fire, which generally indicates a higher temperature than orange fire but may also be caused by certain chemicals burning at a normal temperature.

24. Emboar is a combination of ember and boar. It may also derive from the terms emperor, caesar, or tsar, all of which are used as imperial titles.

25. Emboar made his main series debut in Search for the Clubultimate!, under the ownership of Bianca.

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