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28 Awesome And Fascinating Facts About Koffing From Pokemon

Koffing is a Poison type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Weezing starting at level 35. In Galar, Koffing evolves into Galarian Weezing starting at level 35. Take a look below for 28 awesome and fascinating facts about Koffing.

1. Koffing is a spherical Pokemon filled with toxic gases.

2. It has vacant eyes and a wide mouth that usually has two pointed teeth in the upper jaw. However, a full set of teeth has been seen in the anime.

3. Below its face is a cream-colored skull-and-crossbones marking.

4. Several geyser-like protrusions, which usually release a mustard-colored gas, cover this Pokémon’s body.

5. Its purple skin is very thin, and over inflation can cause it to explode.

6. Koffing creates gases within its body by mixing toxins with garbage, and produces more gas in higher temperatures.

7. These gases are malodorous and cause sniffles, coughs, and teary eyes to those around it.

8. The gases are also lighter than air, allowing Koffing to hover.

9. When agitated, it creates a more toxic gas and expels it through the holes in its body. 

10. As shown in the anime, Koffing’s gas can be ignited by fire or electricity.

11. Koffing is most often found in urban areas.

12. In the Pokémon Red and Blue beta, Koffing was originally known as “Ny”, representing New York City’s polluted air.

13. According to a question of a Pokémon Exam the characters of the anime participated in, Koffing was supposedly first discovered in a public bathhouse. However, the Team Rocket expansion’s Koffing card states that Koffing was first discovered in a weapons factory. This may be either because Jessie answered the question incorrectly, or due to an inconsistency between the TCG and anime.

14. Koffing and Munna are the only Pokémon whose names are mentioned in music found in the games. Munna’s name is heard in Musical “Charming Munna”, while Koffing’s Japanese name is heard in Virbank Gym (Performance – KOFFING), although it is replaced with the word “Pokémon” in international releases.

15. Koffing shares similar traits to Grimer and Trubbish. All three Pokémon are pure Poison-types with a single evolution and roughly the same base stat totals, and are representations of pollution focusing on a state of matter – Koffing being gas, Grimer as liquid, and Trubbish made of solids.

16. Considering its looks, its ability to float, and its tendency to explode, Koffing may have been based upon a floating naval mine or living meteorite.

17. It is also based on smog and other forms of air pollution.

18. Koffing may also be based on the imagined fear that heavy pollution, caused by the leakage and/or improper disposal of toxic and/or radioactive waste, may result in the creation of new and undesirable lifeforms.

19. The crossbone skull under its face is a reference to the toxic hazard symbol.

20. Koffing is a corruption of coughing.

21. Koffing debuted in Pokémon Emergency! as James’s Pokémon. It evolved into Weezing during Dig Those Diglett!.

22. Multiple wild Koffing in A Poached Ego!, where they were captured by Rico. James released his Weezing along with Jessie’s Arbok so they could protect these Koffing and a group of captured Ekans.

23. A Koffing appeared in PK15. It was one of the residents of a spooky house.

24. A Koffing appeared in Tag! We’re It…!, under the ownership of Giant. Dawn and Conway battled Giant and Koffing alongside their partner and his Scyther. Koffing had several powerful attacks like Sludge Bomb, Thunderbolt, and Gyro Ball, but Conway’s Slowking and Dawn’s Piplup were able to defeat it.

25. A Koffing appeared in Rocking the Virbank Gym! Part 1, under the ownership of Roxie. It proved to be a strong opponent in her Gym battle against Ash, managing to defeat Boldore and Unfezant before being defeated by Leavanny’s combination of String Shot and Energy Ball.

26. A Koffing appeared as an image in The Ultimate Test.

27. A Koffing appeared in Pikachu’s Vacation as one of the Pokémon seen at the Pokémon Theme Park.

28. A Koffing appeared in the Japanese credits of Pikachu’s Rescue Adventure.

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