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28 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Gengar From Pokemon

Gengar is a dual type Ghost and Poison Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Haunter when traded. It is the final form of Gastly. It can Mega Evolve into Mega Gengar using the Gengarite. It also has a Gigantamax form. Take a look below for 28 amazing and interesting facts about Gengar.

1. Gengar is a dark purple, bipedal Pokemon with a roundish body.

2. It has red eyes, a wide mouth that is usually curled into a sinister grin, and pointed ears.

3. On its back are numerous spikes and it has smaller spikes on top of its head similar to tufty fur.

4. Its arms and legs are short with three digits on both its hands and feet.

5. It also has a stubby tail.

6. As Mega Gengar, a portion of its body sinks into the ground and its arms and tail lengthen. The lower portions turn a more reddish purple, and a third eye appears on its forehead.

7. This new unblinking eye is oval, yellow, and allows it to see into other dimensions.

8. The spikes on Mega Gengar’s back are more numerous and pointed and additional spikes appear on its hands and tail.

9. Its ears are now considerably longer and tilt backward.

10. Mega Gengar has the ability to access other dimensions and has a vicious nature. It may even curse its own Trainer.

11. Gengar has the ability to hide perfectly in the shadow of any object, granting it exceptional stealth. However, Gengar’s body acts as a heat sink.

12. Its presence cools the temperature of the surrounding area by nearly 10°F (5°C), because it absorbs the warmth.

13. The anime has shown that Gengar can fly and possess people and other Pokémon. 

14. In the past, Night Shade was its signature move.

15. Gengar is very mischievous, and at times, malicious. It enjoys playing practical jokes and casting curses, such as pretending to be one’s shadow, then behaving erratically.

16. When the quarry notices, the Gengar takes delight in its victim’s terror. However, Gengar has been known to be loyal to a Trainer who treats it well.

17. Being the result of an evolution via trading, Gengar is rarely found in the wild, though they can be found in caves and dark places where shadows form.

18. It is especially fond of urban areas such as cities and back alleys, but only during the night.

19. Gigantamax Gengar is the only known Pokémon capable of using the exclusive G-Max Move G-Max Terror.

20. Gengar is the favorite Pokémon of Ken Sugimori.

21. In the Pokémon Red and Blue beta, Gengar was originally known as “Phantom”.

22. Gengar, along with Nidorino, with whom it battles in the beginning of Red, Blue, Green, FireRed, and LeafGreen, originate from the Capsule Monsters manga, the precursor to the Pokémon franchise.

23. Gengar and Nidorino are also the very first Pokémon to appear in the anime.

24. In Pokémon X and Y, Gengar is the only Pokémon with the Ability Levitate that is not eligible for Sky Battles.

25. No other Pokémon has the same type combination as Gengar and its evolutionary relatives.

26. Due to its unique type combination, Gengar and its evolutionary relatives are the only Poison-type Pokémon that are weak against Dark-type moves.

27. Gengar could be seen as a counterpart to Alakazam. They are both the last stage of a three-part evolutionary family, require trading to reach their final stage of evolution, and are capable of Mega Evolution. They are the same height, and both get shorter upon Mega Evolution. They share a base friendship of 70 and, since Generation VI, a base stat total of 500. Both are weak to the other’s STAB, and they share weaknesses to the Ghost and Dark types. In the anime episode The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis, a Gengar and an Alakazam are put against each other.

28. In the core series games, Mega Gengar has small feet that can be seen by recalling it and sending it out. In Pokkén Tournament, however, Mega Gengar does not have feet. Instead, a portal appears beneath it whenever it is airborne. Its tail will disappear as well.

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