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25 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Nidorino From Pokemon

Nidorino is a Poison type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from the male Nidoran starting at level 16, and evolves into Nidoking when exposed to a Moon Stone. Take a look below for 25 fun and fascinating facts about Nidorino.

1. Nidorino is a light purple, quadruped Pokemon.

2. It has several darker purple patches across its body.

3. It has large, spiny ears with teal insides, narrow black eyes, and a long snout with two pointed teeth protruding from the upper jaw.

4. It has a ridge of toxic spines on its back and a long, pointed horn on its forehead.

5. The horn is harder than a diamond and capable of secreting poison on impact.

6. Its short legs have three claws on each foot.

7. This is a male only species; the female counterpart is Nidorina.

8. Nidorino is independent and fierce, often described as violent and easily angered.

9. It uses its ears to check its surroundings.

10. If it senses a hostile presence, all the barbs on its back bristle up at once, and it challenges the foe with all its might.

11. Nidorino live in hot savannas and plains.

12. Nidorino is one of the first two Pokémon to appear in a Pokémon battle both in the anime and in the games. The other is Gengar. This is due to their appearance in the opening animation of Pokémon Red and Green, on which the beginning of the first anime episode was based on, as well as the remakes.

13. It is also the first Pokémon to be both seen and captured in Pokémon Adventures, in much the same way.

14. Nidorino, along with Gengar (and, possibly, other Pokémon), originate from the old manga, Capsule Monsters, which is considered the ancestor to the Pokémon franchise.

15. The Nidorino that appears in Professor Oak’s introduction in Pokémon Red and Blue has the cry of a Nidorina.

16. Nidorino’s Shiny coloration is the same as Nidorina’s normal coloration. Likewise, Nidorina’s Shiny coloration matches Nidorino’s normal coloration.

17. Nidorino shares its category name with Nidoran♂, Nidoran♀, Nidorina, Poipole, and Naganadel. They are all known as the Poison Pin Pokémon.

18. Nidorino appears to be based on a rhinoceros, porcupine, rabbit, mouse, or even a hamster, as seen by their aggressive and independent nature.

19. Nidorino may be a combination of needle and rhinoceros.

20. Nidorino debuted in the first episode, battling a Gengar in a battle Ash was watching on TV. Thus, Nidorino and Gengar were the very first Pokémon to be seen in the anime, not counting the intro.

21. Ash battled a Nidorino in Fire and Ice during the Pokémon League. He reappeared in a flashback in Friends to the End.

22. A Nidorino appeared in Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?, under the ownership of Ralph. Nicknamed Tony, he evolved from Nidoran♂ after battling Team Rocket and kissing Emily’s Nidoran♀, nicknamed Maria.

23. Temacu has a Nidorino, which was first seen taking a stroll with her Nidorina in The Heartbreak of Brock.

24. Multiple Nidorino appeared in The Flame Pokémon-athon!, where they were seen at the Laramie Ranch.

25. A Nidorino appeared in A Chansey Operation, where he was one of the injured Pokémon brought to the clinic.

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