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25 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Fearow From Pokemon

Fearow is a dual type Normal and Flying Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Spearow starting at level 20. Take a look below for 25 fun and fascinating facts about Fearow.

1. Fearow is a large, mostly brown avian Pokemon with a vulturine neck and broad, powerful wings.

2. It has a long, pointed, pink beak and a decorative red coxcomb on top of its head.

3. Its narrow eyes have very small pupils and do not appear to have colored irises.

4. It has shaggy, feathers at the base of its neck and covering the upper portion of its wings.

5. These feathers are cream-colored, as are the tips of its flight feathers.

6. Its sharp-clawed talons are pink, with three toes pointing forward and one pointing backward.

7. Fearow has been around mostly unchanged for many years, as a Pokémon resembling it has been seen on ancient murals.

8. Its large wings and stamina allow it to fly for an entire day without landing. 

9. Its long neck and beak allow it to pluck prey from both land and water, and it has even been known to steal from unwary humans.

10. It will shoot upward, and then dive down to catch prey.

11. It will also catch tiny insects that hide underground and circle the ocean for fish. 

12. Fearow are found naturally in open habitats with warmer climates, mainly wastelands and desolate fields.

13. In Generation IV, Fearow weighs as much as Lucas. It shares this characteristic with Skuntank, Togekiss, Sudowoodo, and Yanma.

14. The English names of the Spearow family and Beedrill are almost reversed from the Japanese in that Beedrill is named Spear and Fearow, Spearow’s evolution, is called Onidrill.

15. Fearow takes inspiration from many soaring, predatory birds. It has traits similar to raptors such as hawks and vultures, as well as similarities with storks.

16. Its physical appearance may be vaguely based on a cormorant or an anhinga, despite the fact that they are water birds.

17. It also shares characteristics with chickens and snipe, most notably its comb and long beak, respectively.

18. Its coloration and size also resembles the Goliath heron, whose feathers when ruffled look superficially like a comb.

19. Fearow is a combination of fear and sparrow. It may also derive from feather or arrow.

20. The Spearow who attacked Ash in the first episode evolved sometime before the events of Pallet Party Panic. Pidgeotto was forced to evolve into Pidgeot in order to defeat it.

21. A Fearow appeared in The Big Balloon Blow-Up, under the ownership of Skyler. It helped him pull his balloon in the Pokémon Balloon Race and driving Team Rocket away.

22. Two Fearow appeared in Talkin’ ‘Bout an Evolution and Rage Of Innocence, under the ownership of Tyson. They were his main battling Pokémon.

23. A Fearow appeared in A Poached Ego!, under the ownership of Rico. It battled James’s Weezing and Jessie’s Arbok twice. It lost the first time due to Arbok shutting its beak with Wrap, while it was badly hurt the second time by Arbok’s Headbutt. Soon afterward, it was defeated by Ash’s Pikachu’s Thunderbolt.

24. A wild Fearow appeared in Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea. Pokémon Ranger Jack Walker used his Capture Styler to capture it and have it help Pikachu recover the Manaphy Egg stolen by Team Rocket.

25. A Fearow appeared in Adventures in Running Errands!, where it stole Clemont’s Chespin’s purse. Later on, it chased Chespin and Clemont’s Bunnelby in an attempt to steal the purse again, but they took care of it while digging up a hole to flee.

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