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26 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Golem From Pokemon

Golem is a dual type Rock and Ground Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Graveler when traded. It is the final form of Geodude. In Alola, Golem has a Rock and Electric type regional form. It evolves from Alolan Graveler when traded. It is the final form of Alolan Geodude. Take a look below for 26 amazing and interesting facts about Golem.

1. Golem is a bipedal Pokemon with a spherical body covered by a shell of plated, green rocks.

2. Its body is so hard that even dynamite cannot scratch it.

3. Its head protrudes from center of the shell.

4. The head has a flat snout with two pointed teeth in the lower jaw and red eyes.

5. It has short arms that have three claws and two legs with feet that have four claws in front and one in back.

6. The head and limbs are a light brown.

7. Golem grows bigger by shedding its skin once a year.

8. The discarded shell immediately hardens when exposed to air, crumbling away and returning to the soil. However, it stops shedding with age and moss grows over its shell.

9. As shown in the Pocket Monsters Carddass Trading Cards, Golem’s shell is hollow.

10. The anime has shown that Golem is able to withdraw its head and limbs into its shell and roll at high speeds. It is dangerous when doing this, as it is unable to see and may crash into or run over anything in its path.

11. To prevent it from rolling into the homes of people downhill, grooves are dug into the sides of the mountains to divert the rolling Golem’s course.

12. It is seldom seen in the wild. However, it can be found living in mountainous regions.

13. In the Alola region, Golem has much shorter forearms with two claws. The feet have only two claws as well.

14. Its face attracts iron sand, creating the appearance of a mustache, eyebrows and a large black beard. Jutting out of the top of its body are two large, black rocks with a smaller rock in-between.

15. On the inner edge of the larger rocks are three golden dots.

16. Alolan Golem is capable of firing the small rock by using magnetism. The rock will be electrically charged, creating shocks across the whole area of impact. Numbness and fainting can occur with even a glancing blow. If rocks are not available, it will fire nearby Geodude instead.

17. No other Pokémon has the same type combination as Alolan Golem and its Alolan evolutionary relatives.

18. Alolan Golem, along with its Alolan evolutionary relatives, were designed by Hitoshi Ariga.

19. Between Red, Blue, and Yellow Versions in Generation I, Golem is the only Pokémon that cannot ever be seen without trading; however, its existence is implied by a non-player character who had just received his friend’s Graveler.

20. Alolan Golem has the highest base Defense stat of all Electric-type Pokémon.

21. Golem, as the name suggests, is based on a golem, more specifically on representations in modern role-playing games, which usually are ogre-like creatures whose bodies are covered in, or made of, stones.

22. It might also based on a tortoise. Tortoises are believed to hold the world on their backs in many myths, including the Hindu, Chinese, and Native American mythologies. Its “shell” may represent the tectonic plates of Earth. It also resembles septarian nodules.

23. Alolan Golem, like its predecessors, seems to have structures made of piezoelectric crystals or magnetite, a subset of iron ore known for its black crystalline appearance and magnetic properties. The black structure on its back may be derived from a electroshock weapon or a railgun.

24. Golem is a reference to the golems of medieval and Hebrew legend.

25. Golem debuted in The Bridge Bike Gang, under the ownership of Chopper. It was used against Ash in a battle, during which it defeated Bulbasaur before being covered in flames thanks to a combination of Charmander‘s Flamethrower and Fire Spin. As a result, it had to be returned to its Poké Ball, which wound up being so hot that it burned Chopper’s fingers. Golem reappeared in a flashback in Charizard Chills.

26. A Golem appeared in The Battle of the Badge, under the ownership of Giovanni. It was used in his battle against Gary, where it was easily defeated by Nidoking.

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