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30 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Charizard From Pokemon

Charizard is a dual-type Fire and Flying Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Charmeleon starting at level 36. It is the final form of Charmander. It can Mega Evolve into two forms: Mega Charizard X using Charizardite X and Mega Charizard Y using Charizardite Y. It also has a Gigantamax form. Take a look below for 30 more fascinating and interesting facts about Charizard.

1. Charizard is a draconic, bipedal Pokemon.

2. It is primarily orange with a cream underside from the chest to the tip of its tail.

3. It has a long neck, small blue eyes, slightly raised nostrils, and two horn-like structures protruding from the back of its rectangular head.

4. There are two fangs visible in the upper jaw when its mouth is closed.

5. Two large wings with blue-green undersides sprout from its back, and a horn-like appendage juts out from the third joint of each wing.

6. A single wing-finger is visible through the center of each wing membrane.

7. Charizard’s arms are short and skinny compared to its robust belly, and each limb has three white claws.

8. It has stocky legs with cream-colored soles on each of its plantigrade feet.

9. The tip of its long, tapering tail burns with a sizable flame.

10. Charizard has two Mega Forms. Both feature a shorter snout, white, vertical slit pupils, and a bright underside reaching the lower jaw.

11. As Mega Charizard X, its body and legs are more physically fit, though its arms remain thin. Its skin turns black with a sky-blue underside and soles. Two spikes with blue tips curve upward from the front and back of each shoulder, while the tips of its horns sharpen, turn blue, and curve slightly upward.

12. As Mega Charizard Y, it becomes sleeker in appearance but retains its normal coloration. It has three pointed horns on the back of its head, the middle of which is longer. Its snout has larger fangs and a ridge on the nose. Its neck is shorter, but its torso is thinner and longer.

13. As Gigantamax Charizard, it becomes larger and physically fit. The lower part of its body glows white with several yellow diamonds located on lower belly. There are also diamonds spots located on the front legs. The claws located on hand and feet become longer and sharp. The feet become longer and digitigrade, retaining small glowing soles under the forefeet.

14. Charizard flies in search of powerful opponents to battle, and its fire will burn hotter as it gains experience. Its fiery breath is capable of melting boulders, massive glaciers, and has been known to accidentally cause forest fires.

15. In the past, Blast Burn was its signature move.

16. Charizard typically inhabit mountains and valleys, such as the Charicific Valley in Johto.

17. The anime has shown that only a weak Charizard would show off its power.

18. It also showed that Charizard can swim underwater, with Pokémon Origins further showing that the flame on the tip of the tail can still keep burning underwater.

19. Gigantamax Charizard is the only known Pokémon capable of using the exclusive G-Max Move G-Max Wildfire.

20. Prior to Generation VI, Charizard and Rhyhorn shared nearly the same cry. This cry was updated and reused for Mega Charizard Y.

21. Charizard and its pre-evolution share their category name with Flareon, Moltres, and Infernape. They are all known as the Flame Pokémon.

22. Charizard holds the distinction of being the first Pokémon to appear in the Japanese version of the Pokémon anime, as it is the first one to appear in the opening. However, outside of Japan, Mewtwo is the first to appear.

23. Charizard is the only Pokémon in the Super Smash Bros. series that transitioned from a Poké Ball Pokémon to a playable character.

24. Charizard, Typhlosion, and their respective evolutionary lines have the exact same base stats.

25. Charizard was the focus of a Pokémon Center promotion in April 2010.

26. Mega Charizard Y has the highest base Special Attack stat of all Fire-type Pokémon.

27. Charizard was the inspiration for the naming of Chilicola charizard, a species of stem-nesting bees.

28. Charizard is the only Pokémon not in the Alola Pokédex to be a Ride Pokémon in Sun and Moon (where it is unobtainable via normal gameplay) and Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

29. Because of its beauty and elegance, Driftveil Drawbridge is also referred to as Charizard Bridge.

30. Charizard and Mewtwo are currently the only Pokémon with two Mega Evolutions.

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