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26 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Geodude From Pokemon

Geodude is a dual type Rock and Ground Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves into Graveler starting at level 25, which evolves into Golem when traded. In Alola, Geodude has a Rock and Electric type regional form. It evolves into Alolan Graveler starting at level 25, which evolves into Alolan Golem when traded. Take a look below for 26 fascinating and interesting facts about Geodude.

1. Geodude is a gray boulder Pokemon.

2. It has bulging, rocky eyebrows, trapezoidal, brown eyes and a wide mouth.

3. Its arms are muscular with five-fingered hands.

4. Geodude uses its arms to climb steadily up steep mountain paths.

5. It is proud of its sturdy body and will bash against others of its kind in a contest of sorts to prove whose body is harder.

6. The longer it lives, the more chipped and worn its body becomes. Eventually, it will be completely smooth and round.

7. As a result of their physical appearance, Rhyperior mistake this Pokémon for actual boulders and fire them through their hands.

8. Geodude can be most often found on mountain trails and fields.

9. It will sit still in these areas, which is why it is often mistaken for a rock.

10. It is often stepped on and will sometimes swing its arms in anger when this occurs.

11. When Geodude sleeps deeply, it buries itself halfway into the ground. Once buried, it will not awaken even if someone steps on it. In the morning, Geodude rolls downhill in search of food.

12. In the Alola region, Geodude is made from a magnetic rock with a more silvery appearance.

13. There are areas on Alolan Geodude’s body that are especially magnetic and attract iron sand, creating the appearance of black eyebrows and strands of short black hair. 

14. Its fingers are fused together, leaving only the thumb and index finger free.

15. Stepping on Alolan Geodude results in an electrical shock and sometimes an angry headbutt.

16. Like regular Geodude, it competes with others by bashing their bodies together. The iron sand sticks to the one with stronger magnetism.

17. The Alolan Golem will fire these Geodude if real rocks are absent.

18. No other Pokémon has the same type combination as Alolan Geodude and its Alolan evolutionary relatives.

19. Alolan Geodude, along with its Alolan evolutionary relatives, were designed by Hitoshi Ariga.

20. Alolan Geodude has the lowest base Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed stats of all Electric-type Pokémon.

21. In the Japanese game Pokémon Blue, Geodude weighs 2.0 kg instead of 20.0 kg (as it does in all other games). This has no mechanical significance, as no game mechanics use weight in the handheld Generation I games.

22. Alolan Geodude’s evolutionary line is the only three-stage evolutionary line in which all members have an Alolan Form.

23. Geodude is based on a living rock or boulder.

24. Alolan Geodude seems to have dark structures made of piezoelectric crystals or magnetite, a subset of iron ore known for its black crystalline appearance and magnetic properties. Its Electric type may also be a pun on thunderegg.

25. Geodude may be a combination of the prefix geo-, from gē, Greek for earth, and dude, a slang word for a male. It may also be from geode, a usually hollow volcanic rock with crystal inside, and dude.

26. Geodude debuted in Showdown in Pewter City, under the ownership of Brock. He used it during his journeys in Kanto and Johto before lending it to his brother, Forrest, prior to his departure to Hoenn. Geodude reappeared under Brock’s command during the Kanto mini-arc depicted in Alola, Kanto! and When Regions Collide!.

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