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25 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Houndour From Pokemon

Houndour is a dual type Dark and Fire Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves into Houndoom starting at level 24. Take a look below for 25 fun and fascinating facts about Houndour.

1. Houndour is a quadruped, canine Pokemon with short, black fur and a red underbelly and muzzle.

2. Its ears and tail are both short and pointed.

3. Two fangs protrude from its upper jaw, and its triangular nose is black.

4. There are white bands on its ankles, and rib-like ridges on its back.

5. Houndour appears to have a simplistic, stylized skull on its forehead with the eye orbits creating eyebrow patterning above its actual eyes.

6. It also has circular, red paw pads on each of its three-toed paws.

7. Houndour is an intelligent Pokémon that forms packs to hunt for prey, and shows unparalleled teamwork.

8. As seen in the anime, it will not abandon a sick pack member.

9. It communicates using various barks and howls.

10. Barks are used to determine the location of a pack member during a hunt, while howls are used as declaration of ownership over a territory.

11. They are known to be loyal and obedient to their Trainers.

12. Houndour can typically be found around rough terrain.

13. Despite being a Generation II Pokémon, it was actually native to Kanto in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. The same is true for Murkrow and Slugma. All three can be obtained in Johto via the Safari Zone in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

14. The only three games so far in which Houndour can be captured by the player before viewing the end credits are Pokémon XD, Pokémon Platinum, and Pokémon X.

15. Houndour is one of fourteen Pokémon that one can collect foreign Pokédex entries for in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

16. Houndour has the lowest base Defense of all Fire-type Pokémon.

17. Houndour may have been based on the Cerberus of Greek and Roman mythology, or other legends of hellhounds. It is also similar in appearance to Dobermanns and Rottweilers.

18. Houndour is a combination of hound and dour (sullen or severe).

19. Multiple Houndour debuted in Hour of the Houndour. One of them got sick, prompting the rest of its pack to steal food in order to aid it. Ultimately, Ash helped the ailing Houndour to a Pokémon Center.

20. A Houndour is one of the enemies of the Pichu Brothers and can normally be seen chasing them, or anyone else that angers it, around Big Town. It appeared in Pikachu & Pichu, Trouble in Big Town, Of Meowth and Pokémon, and Pichu Bros. in Party Panic; and it also made a cameo in Giratina and the Sky Warrior.

21. A Houndour appeared in The Mystery is History, under the ownership of Cassidy. It was initially overpowered due to its power-amplifying headgear. It made further appearances in the original series and Pokémon Chronicles.

22. Multiple Houndour appeared in From A to Z!, Meeting at Terminus Cave!, and A Towering Takeover!, all under the ownership of Team Flare Grunts.

23. A Houndour appeared in Ariados, Amigos, under the ownership of Ralph. It was seen at the Pokémon Jujitsu Academy, where it defeated Mickey’s Hypno.

24. Two Houndour appeared in Entei at Your Own Risk as some of the Pokémon resting in some hot springs.

25. A Houndour appeared in Johto Photo Finish, where it was one of the Pokémon being fed by Tracey at Professor Oak’s Laboratory.

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