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25 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Hypno From Pokemon

Hypno is a Psychic type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Drowzee starting at level 26. Take a look below for 25 fascinating and interesting facts about Hypno.

1. Hypno is a bipedal, humanoid Pokemon that has yellow skin.

2. It has triangular ears with brown interiors, sleepy looking eyes, and a large nose.

3. On its neck, it has a ruff of white fur, which is longer on the female.

4. Hypno has five fingers on each hand and holds a pendulum in its left.

5. The pendulum resembles a flat, silver ring and is used for hypnotism.

6. Hypno is never seen without it. 

7. It has three toes on each foot, which also have a pink pad on the undersides.

8. Hypno is able to put people to sleep by swinging its pendulum.

9. It is known to reside away from humans and on less traveled roads.

10. If anyone comes by, Hypno will hypnotize them and eat their dreams.

11. It carries away people having good dreams and is even known to have stolen a child at one point. However, in the Alola region, it preys primarily on Komala.

12. While it awaits its prey, it polishes its pendulum.

13. Hypno’s Red, Blue, and LeafGreen Pokédex entries make reference to it using “PSI moves”, possibly indicating an early name for the Psychic type in English.

14. Hypno is based on a tapir, hypnotist, and baku, or dream eater spirit, of Japanese mythology.

15. It also looks similar to a proboscis monkey.

16. Hypno’s long, hooked nose and white frill could also be based on a vulture, such as Rüppell’s vulture.

17. Aspects of Hypno’s behavior also resemble various fairies, goblins, bogeymen, and other supernatural entities in European folklore.

18. Hypno is a shortening of hypnosis. It could also be derived from Hypnos, the personification of sleep in Greek mythology.

19. Hypno debuted in Hypno’s Naptime. The members of the Pokémon Lover’s Club of HopHopHop Town were using Hypno and Drowzee to help them with their sleeping problems. However, the “Sleep Waves” from Hypno were also causing children to act like Pokémon and draining the energy from the Pokémon in the local Pokémon Center. Drowzee eventually managed to fix this problem.

20. A Hypno appeared in Playing with Fire, under the ownership of Harrison. He used it against Ash during the Silver Conference, and it was able to defeat Totodile before losing to Snorlax.

21. A Hypno appeared in Fear Factor Phony as a resident of an abandoned mining colony.

22. A Hypno appeared in Mission: Total Recall!, under the ownership of Faba, who attempted to use it to wipe Lillie’s memories. Gladion prevented this from happening by defeating it with his Silvally. It has since made further appearances in the Sun & Moon series.

23. A Hypno appeared in The Power of One.

24. A Hypno appeared in The Psychic Sidekicks! as one of the Pokémon living in Len Town.

25. A Hypno appeared in Beauty and the Breeder, under the ownership of a Pokémon Breeder participating in a Pokémon breeding competition.

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