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25 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Slugma From Pokemon

Slugma is a Fire type Pokemon introduced in Generation II. It evolves into Magcargo starting at level 38. Take a look below for 25 fun and fascinating facts about Slugma.

1. Slugma is a limbless Pokemon composed of magma.

2. Its body is bright red, fading to a duller red along its extremities.

3. It has large, round, yellow eyes with small pupils.

4. Slugma’s head is ovoid with flame-like extensions spreading upward from its eyes and round, stable drops of magma dangling from its upper jaw.

5. Its lower body is irregular in shape, and occasionally emits bubbles.

6. Slugma’s circulatory system is composed entirely of magma, which delivers vital nutrients and oxygen to its organs.

7. In order to prevent its body from cooling and hardening, Slugma neither sleeps nor ever stops moving.

8. If its body does begin to cool, it will become brittle and may break apart.

9. Slugma constantly seeks warm places, and gathers with other members of its species in mountains and volcanoes.

10. Despite being a Generation II Pokémon, it was actually native to Kanto in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. The same is true for Murkrow and Houndour.

11. Slugma has the lowest base stat total of all Fire-type Pokémon.

12. Slugma also has the lowest Special Defense of all Fire-type Pokémon.

13. Slugma is tied with Torkoal, Litwick, and Mega Camerupt for the lowest Speed base stat of all Fire types.

14. Slugma is based on a slug with a body of lava. It may also be based on the Cherufe, evil creatures of rock and magma that inhabit the magma pools found deep within Chilean volcanoes.

15. Slugma’s Shiny form may be based on cooled, hardened magma, which becomes a dark, metallic color. The form may also be based on solder, a liquid metal that is extremely hot and hardens when it cools, similarly to lava.

16. Slugma is a combination of slug and magma.

17. Slugma debuted in Love, Pokémon Style, under the ownership of Macy. It was used in her Silver Conference battle against Ash, where it battled Totodile but was soon recalled. It then battled Phanpy and was eventually defeated by its Take Down. At the end of the episode, it had evolved into Magcargo off-screen.

18. A Slugma appeared in What You Seed is What You Get, under the ownership of Natasha. It was used to protect her watermelon patch alongside her Grovyle and Electrode. It and Grovyle battled Ash’s Corphish and Treecko, and in the end, the match went to Natasha.

19. Two Slugma nicknamed Mag and Meg appeared in Poetry Commotion!, under the ownership of Flannery. Mag later evolved into Magcargo. Meg reappeared in Going, Going, Yawn, where Flannery used it during her Gym battle against Ash. It battled Ash’s Treecko and Corphish before losing to Pikachu.

20. A Slugma appeared in the Hoopa’s Surprise Ring Adventures short Heated Battle, where it was summoned by Hoopa alongside a RapidashMagmortar, and Heatran; and they all used Fire-type attacks to set Ash and Pikachu on fire.

21. A Coordinator’s Slugma appeared in All Things Bright and Beautifly!.

22. Multiple Slugma appeared in Game Winning Assist.

23. A Trainer’s Slugma appeared in A Crowning Moment of Truth!, where it was among the Pokémon attending Wela Fire Festival.

24. In Magical Pokémon Journey, Kiaraway, a Trainer who specializes in collecting Fire-type Pokémon, owns a Slugma. It is seen once in Vulpix and Cyndaquil.

25. A trio of Slugma first appeared in Slugging It Out With Slugma. Professor Oak tried to catch them at the beginning but failed. The Slugma trio later appeared outside Earl’s Pokémon Academy at Violet City, where they attacked the academy until they were caught by Crystal.

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