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23 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Turtwig From Pokemon

Turtwig is a Grass type Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves into Grotle starting at level 18, which evolves into Torterra starting at level 32. Along with Chimchar and Piplup, Turtwig is one of three starter Pokemon of Sinnoh available at the beginning of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Take a look below for 23 fascinating and interesting facts about Turtwig.

1. Turtwig is a small, light green, quadruped Pokemon resembling a turtle or tortoise.

2. Its eyes, feet, and lower jaw are yellow.

3. Its body is covered by a brown shell that is composed of earth.

4. The shell has a thick black stripe and a black rim.

5. On a very healthy Turtwig, the shell should feel moist. 

6. A small seedling grows on a brown patch on its head.

7. This seedling will wilt if the Pokémon becomes thirsty.

8. As a plant-based Pokémon, Turtwig usually nourishes itself through photosynthesis.

9. It also drinks water, which hardens its soil-based shell.

10. Due to its status as a starter Pokémon, a wild Turtwig is hard to come by and it is generally found under the ownership of Trainers.

11. Turtwig is the heaviest of the basic forms of all of the starter Pokémon. It also has the lowest base Speed stat out of all starter Pokémon.

12. Turtwig is the only starter Pokémon to know a stat-raising move when initially received as a player’s first Pokémon.

13. Given its terrestrial nature, Turtwig may draw inspiration from box turtles. It could also be a visual pun on the wood turtle.

14. Turtwig is a combination of turtle and twig.

15. Ash caught his Turtwig in Gettin’ Twiggy With It!. It eventually evolved into Grotle during Aiding the Enemy!, and again into Torterra during The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore!.

16. Paul’s starter Pokémon was a Turtwig, which eventually fully evolved into a Torterra. It appeared as a Turtwig in a flashback with Paul in A Pyramiding Rage!, where it was watching Reggie battle Brandon.

17. Turtwig debuted in Following a Maiden’s Voyage! as one of the starter Pokémon that Professor Rowan was giving out. It had a relaxed nature, ate almost the whole time, and was oblivious to the fight going on between Chimchar and Piplup. However, it appeared to be afraid of Rowan, as seen when it panicked after he glared at it.

18. A Turtwig debuted in The Grass-Type is Always Greener!, under the ownership of Gardenia. It was used to battle Ash’s Staravia and Turtwig, and it was able to defeat both of them. It reappeared in A Secret Sphere of Influence!, where it helped protect the Adamant Orb. It was then used in the Gym battle against Ash in The Grass Menagerie, where it once again defeated Staravia, but lost to Ash’s Turtwig.

19. A Turtwig appeared in DPS01, under the ownership of Professor Rowan, who was presenting it to Shinko as one of the starter Pokémon for her to pick. It was left behind after Rowan’s Chimchar and Piplup got into a fight and escaped his lab.

20. A Turtwig appeared in Dawn of a New Era!, under the ownership of a Trainer at the Pokémon Center.

21. A Turtwig appeared in Classroom Training!. A young boy was using it at the Snowpoint Trainers’ School to battle a Chimchar. Another Turtwig appeared during a flashback under the command of a young Candice.

22. A Turtwig appeared in Meloetta’s Moonlight Serenade as one of the Pokémon watching Meloetta’s concert.

23. A Trainer’s Turtwig appeared in SS004, where it was seen on the plane to Galar.

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