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10 Fascinating And Fun Facts About Grizzlymon From Digimon

Grizzlymon is a Beast Digimon. Take a look below for 10 fascinating and fun facts about Grizzlymon from Digimon.

1. Although its plainly massive body, fangs and claws which conceal lethal potential, and appearance are ferocious, it possesses the spirit of an honorable martial artist.

2. It can nimbly dodge the opponent’s attacks, turning them aside, as with its exceptional grappling sense, it doesn’t need to rely on its own attacks. 

3. Though Grizzlymon never starts fights, once someone makes it angry, it will stand up on its back legs and knock them down with its heavyweight forelegs, “Bear Claws”.

4. With just this blow, most Digimon suffer a mortal wound as strong as the power they possess. 

5. These “Bear Claws” appear to have been imitated in WaruMonzaemon’s “Bear Claw” equipment.

6. Grizzlymon is a quadrupedal bear Digimon covered in purple fur.

7. It has red eyes, a black nose, and grey fur on part of its head.

8. It has a white crescent moon on its forehead.

9. It wears red armor on the shoulders of its forelegs, the paws of which are covered with red, spiked gauntlets that have sharp claws: the “Kuma Tsume”.

10. Its hind legs are not as massively developed as its forelegs, but they are still large.

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