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30 Awesome And Fascinating Facts About Deoxys From Pokemon

Deoxys is a Psychic type Mythical Pokemon introduced in Generation III. While it not known to evolve into or from any other Pokemon, it has three other Forms. In Generation III, its Formes depends on which game cartridge it is on and cannot be changed without trading.

Normal Forme is the default in Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Colosseum and XD. Attack Forme is the default in Pokemon FireRed. Defense Forme is the default in Pokemon LeafGreen. Speed Forme is the default in Pokemon Emerald.

In later generations, its Formes can be changed at will in Veilstone City, Kanto Route 3, Nacrene City, Ambrette Town, Fallarbor Town or Hokulani Observatory. Take a look below for 30 awesome and fascinating facts about Deoxys.

1. Deoxys is an alien like bipedal Pokemon that has four Formes, each focused on a different stat.

2. The main components that are constant for all four Formes are a dominant reddish orange color, a bluish-green face, and three bluish-green dots on its back arranged in a triangle. 

3. Typically, there is a purple stripe running down the center of its face and a purple, crystalline organ in its chest.

4. Its white, circular eyes are set inside rectangular, black eye sockets.

5. It is shown in the anime, that Deoxys may have a green crystalline organ and facial stripe.

6. In its Normal Forme, Deoxys has tapering legs with a segmented, vertical, blue stripe on the upper portion. The abdomen is black with vertical lines, while the majority of its skin is reddish-orange. The arms are capable of taking different forms, usually a pair of tentacles coiled in a double helix.

7. One tentacle is the primary skin color, while the other is light blue. Alternately, it can form more humanoid arms with a red top and blue underside and a five-fingered hand. This Forme has a blunt protrusion with a single blue stripe on either side of its head and stubby tail.

8. While in its Attack Forme, its legs remain tapered. However, its blue stripes are no longer segmented and run the entire length of the leg and there is now a large spike on the knee. Two pairs of whip-like tentacles with pointed tips, one reddish-orange and one blue, replace its previous coiled, blunted tentacles. The protrusions on its head are now triangular with an additional one extending from the top of its head. Most of its reddish-orange skin has receded, revealing a striated, black chest and abdomen. Finally, its tail is now longer and more pointed.

9. Deoxys’s Defense Forme has bulky, wide legs that are somewhat flat at the end with a bluish-green spot on each knee. It retains its two pairs of red and blue tentacles, but they are now flat and broad. The head has fused with its body and all protrusions are gone, causing it to resemble a helmet. The reddish-orange skin now covers the entire body, so none of its inner black portion is visible. There is now a single blue stripe on each shoulder, and its tail has disappeared.

10. The Speed Forme of this Pokémon has a sleek black body with thin striation. The reddish-orange skin now covers only its head, hip joints, and the area around its crystal. There is now only one tentacle on each side of its body, one red and one blue. The protrusions on its head now point upward and the back of its head now forms a long spike. There is a long, thick blue stripe running down the center of this longer protrusion. More blue stripes appear on either hip joint and on its legs.

11. Deoxys was formed by the mutation of a virus from space. 

12. The Pokémon is highly intelligent; its brain appears to be the crystal in its chest. This organ is capable of firing laser beams.

13. Additionally, Deoxys can use psychokinetic powers, which are useful for its signature move Psycho Boost. 

14. As shown in the anime, it is able to regenerate any part of its body that it may have lost during a battle.

15. It has also demonstrated the ability to create an aurora without changing its Forme.

16. These auroras can have different electromagnetic wavelengths and are used to communicate with other Deoxys.

17. It is also shown that the various electromagnetic waves given off by people, Pokémon, and all electronics can obscure its vision if there is enough interference with its communication.

18. This Pokémon came from outer space from inside of a meteor.

19. In the anime and manga, Deoxys has been observed to create clones of itself.

20. These clones have lifeless eyes and duller color, lack of the trademark crystal on the chest, and seem to be unable to change from the Normal Forme.

21. Furthermore, they seem unable to morph their tentacles into hands.

22. When these clones are defeated, they dissolve into dust-like particles.

23. Speed Forme Deoxys has the highest base Speed stat of all Pokémon.

24. Defense Forme Deoxys has the highest base Special Defense of all Psychic-type Pokémon.

25. Its Attack Forme has both of the lowest individual base stats of any Mythical Pokémon, those two being Defense and Special Defense, each with a base stat of 20.

26. Deoxys is the only Pokémon whose Forme change is triggered by different events between generations.

27. When recruited in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team Deoxys will be in its Normal Forme when playing in the overworld; however, when exploring a dungeon, Deoxys’s Forme will be randomly selected each time the player progresses to a new floor.

28. In Pokémon Ranger, Deoxys’s Forme changes every time its Browser entry is accessed. It cycles in order from Normal Forme to Attack Forme to Defense Forme to Speed Forme and finally back to Normal Forme.

29. In the anime and Pokémon Ranger, Deoxys is able to change to any of its forms at will regardless of where it is. While it can willingly change in Pokémon Adventures, its choices are limited by the environment.

30. Due to the cause of Forme change in Generation III being the game Deoxys is in, only Speed Forme Deoxys is banned from the Battle Frontier, as only Speed Forme Deoxys is obtainable in Emerald.

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