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23 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Cherubi From Pokemon

Cherubi is a Grass type Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves into Cherrim starting at level 25. Take a look below for 23 fascinating and interesting facts about Cherubi.

1. Cherubi is a small cherry like Pokemon with a round, deep pink body with two stubby feet.

2. It has beady eyes and a purple-red stripe running down part of its face.

3. Cherubi has a short stem with two big, green leaves and a second, much smaller head growing out of it.

4. This second head is vestigial in terms of function, but it contains nutrients that contribute to Cherubi’s growth as its initial source of food.

5. As the second head is apparently edible, several Pokémon have been seen trying to pluck it off.

6. When the second head begins to bloom it means Cherubi is close to evolving.

7. It has been known to sunbathe on warm days. 

8. When it is about to evolve, the second head starts to wilt.

9. Cherubi mainly photosynthesizes, and it is attracted to honey.

10. Starly is a natural predator of Cherubi.

11. Cherubi appears to be based on a cherry, which are known to grow multiple fruiting heads, hence its appearance.

12. Cherubi may be a combination of cherry, cherubic (innocent or childlike), and ruby (a shade of red).

13. Cherubi debuted in The Grass-type Is Always Greener!, under the ownership of Gardenia. It was first used in a battle against Ash. It faced off against Turtwig, and during the battle, Gardenia was able to learn quite a bit about Turtwig. Cherubi reappeared in The Grass Menagerie!, where it once again fought Turtwig during an official Gym battle. Its speed forced Ash to recall Turtwig for Staravia, after which Cherubi was defeated.

14. A Cherubi appeared in Battling a Cute Drama!, under the ownership of Marilyn. It was used in a battle against Dawn and went up against Buneary, who it defeated. Later, it battled Brock’s Sudowoodo, but this match was declared a tie by James, who was acting as referee.

15. Multiple Cherubi appeared in The Rise of Darkrai.

16. A Cherubi appeared in Lost Leader Strategy!, where it was seen under Reggie’s care.

17. A Cherubi appeared in Enter Galactic!.

18. A Cherubi briefly appeared in Camping It Up!.

19. A Cherubi appeared in The Fleeing Tower of Sunyshore!, where it was one of the Pokémon seen at the Sunyshore City Pokémon Center.

20. Multiple Cherubi made a brief appearance in Coming Full-Festival Circle!. They were among the Pokémon listening to Nando as he played his music.

21. A Cherubi made a very brief appearance in League Unleashed!, under the ownership of a kid.

22. A Cherubi made a brief cameo in DPS01, where it was seen outside of Professor Rowan’s lab.

23. A Cherubi will appear in M23.

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