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21 Fun And Interesting Facts About Cascoon From Pokemon

Cascoon is a Bug type Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Wurmple depending on its personality value, starting at level 7, and it evolves into Dustox starting at level 10. Take a look below for 21 fun and interesting facts about Cascoon.

1. Cascoon is a round, cocoon like Pokemon.

2. It is covered in purple silk, except for two holes where its red eyes are visible.

3. The soft silk hardens into a tough cocoon that is able to endure attacks, and this Pokémon will not move even when it is attacked. However, it never forgets the pain it endures and seeks revenge upon evolution.

4. It lives in forests, where it hides underneath large leaves and inside the gaps of tree branches.

5. Additionally, it camouflages itself by attaching dead leaves to its body.

6. As its cells create energy for evolution, the inside of the cocoon becomes hot.

7. Cracks start to form in its casing when evolution is near.

8. Cascoon shares its category with MetapodKakuna, and Silcoon. They are all known as the Cocoon Pokémon.

9. They also share the same base stat total, learnset, Ability, and EV yield.

10. This ties them as the evolved Pokémon with the lowest base stat total.

11. Cascoon and Silcoon have exactly the same type, base stats, moveset, and body style, making them nearly identical.

12. Cascoon, along with Silcoon, can be seen without the limb protrusions on its body in the anime, all main series games from X and Y onward, and occasionally in HeartGold and SoulSilver.

13. James’s Pokémon trivia cards showed that Silcoon and Cascoon indeed have those limbs.

14. Cascoon is the only Bug-type cocoon-based Pokémon whose Defense stat does not decrease upon evolution.

15. Cascoon is the only Pokémon found in a Friend Safari that is not its own type; it is found in the Poison-type Friend Safari even though Cascoon is pure Bug. However, it evolves into the Poison-type Dustox.

16. Cascoon is based on the chrysalis or cocoon stage of a butterfly or moth.

17. Cascoon may be a combination of cask (a container, often cylindrical) or casca (Portuguese for shell), and cocoon. It could also derive from cast, a shell meant for immobilizing part of the body or the method of creating said shell.

18. Jessie’s Wurmple evolved into Cascoon in A Corphish out of Water, which also marked the species’ debut. However, Jessie thought that she was a Silcoon. As a result, James and Meowth were left worried about Jessie’s rage when Cascoon evolved into Dustox. Fortunately, Jessie was ultimately not disappointed when Cascoon did indeed evolve.

19. A Coordinator’s Cascoon appeared in Hi Ho Silver Wind!.

20. A Cascoon appeared in SS007, during a fantasy where Go revealed each of the three Wurmple he caught might evolve into one.

21. A Cascoon appeared in the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Animated Trailer, where it surrounded May and her Torchic, only for Torchic to scare it away with a Fire-type attack.

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