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21 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Skuntank From Pokemon

Skuntank is a dual type Poison and Dark Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from Stunky starting at level 34. Take a look below for 21 fun and fascinating facts about Skuntank.

1. Skuntank is a medium sized mammalian Pokemon that resembles a skunk with the face of a cat.

2. It has purple, spiky fur with several tan stripes.

3. The whiskers present on its pre-evolution have since vanished or have been replaced by furry purple tufts on the sides of Skuntank’s face.

4. Its legs are tan, and the tan coloration of its underside now forms a spiky pattern. 

5. Its nose is larger than its pre-evolution.

6. Skuntank is known for its noxious fluid which smells dreadful.

7. It can spray this fluid over 160 feet, and the longer it allows the liquid to ferment within its belly, the more powerful the smell.

8. Unlike its pre-evolution and real-life skunks, Skuntank spray this from its tail tip instead of the base, which can open. 

9. The stench of Skuntank’s fluid varies depending on its diet.

10. Skuntank prefers to nest in large, prickly bushes in heavily wooded areas, and digs holes in the ground to make its nest.

11. In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Skuntank’s weight is equal to that of Lucas, as well as four other Pokémon: Togekiss, SudowoodoFearow, and Yanma.

12. Due to the censor that prevents Pokémon with offensive nicknames from being traded on the GTS, an English-language Skuntank cannot be traded on the GTS without a nickname in Pokémon Black and White.

13. Skuntank is based on a hog-nosed skunk.

14. Its appearance and notoriety of being incredibly foul smelling is also similar to the honey badger. 

15. Its stylized tail bears similarity to a pompadour, a hairstyle that is commonly associated with Japanese delinquents.

16. Skuntank and Skutank may be a combination of skunk, stank (past tense of stink), and tank.

17. Skuntank debuted in Double Team Turnover!, under the ownership of Jupiter. It is her main Pokémon. It reappeared in Unlocking the Red Chain of Events!, where it was seen guarding Looker and Team Rocket; The Needs of the Three!, where Jupiter prepared to attack Ash and his friends before Cyrus stopped then; and The Battle Finale of Legend!, where it was defeated by Cynthia’s Garchomp.

18. A Skuntank appeared in Classroom Training!, under the ownership of Jeremiah, a student at Snowpoint’s Pokémon academy. It appeared again in Sliding Into Seventh!, where it used its Stench Ability to force Team Rocket out of a shed where they had hidden themselves.

19. A Coordinator’s Skuntank appeared in Last Call — First Round!, where it was seen with a Toxicroak during a Double Performance in the Sinnoh Grand Festival.

20. A Skuntank appeared in the opening sequence of Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

21. A Skuntank appeared in Pikachu and the Pokémon Music Squad. It was among the Pokémon residing in a forest.

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