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11 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Hatenna From Pokemon

Hatenna is a Psychic-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves into Hattrem starting at level 32, which evolves into Hatterene starting at level 42. Take a look below for 11 fun and fascinating facts about Hatenna.

1. Hatenna is a small Pokemon with a round pink body and a pair of small feet.

2. Most of its body is covered by a blue wig-like feature with a pink hat-like protrusion on top.

3. This protrusion is decorated with a white spot and has a blue bulbous growth on its tip.

4. The flaps on the side of its head appears to be able to function like limbs.

5. A reclusive Pokémon, it has a strong sense of emotion, being able to sense other creatures’ emotions via the protrusion on its head.

6. It never warms up to people that do not have a calm disposition.

7. Hatenna and Impidimp’s evolutionary families can be considered counterparts. Both are Generation VIII Pokémon evolving once at level 32, then at level 42. The Impidimp evolution line is male only, while the Hatenna line is female only. Their final evolved forms are both Fairy-type Pokémon with identical base experience and catch rates, and each Pokémon in each evolution line have the same base stat total as their counterpart (e.g. Impidimp and Hatenna both have a base stat total of 265). Hatenna and Impidimp’s evolutionary lines also share similarities with mythical beings from European folklore and mythology: Hatenna’s family shares traits with witches, and Impidimp’s family shares traits with goblins.

8. Hatenna is the only Pokémon to have Nuzzle as an Egg Move, and the only non-Electric type that can learn it.

9. Hatenna resembles a baby witch wearing a combination of a wig and a clown’s hat.

10. Hatenna may be a combination of hat and antenna.

11. A Hatenna first appeared in the Sword & Shield chapter, under the ownership of Bede.

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