15 Awesome And Fascinating Facts About King David

There’s still such an air of mystery surrounding King David. That is, until now. Take a look below for 15 awesome and fascinating facts about King David.

1. He was Israel’s second king and established Jerusalem as his capital.

2. During his life he conquered Jerusalem as he set out to build an enduring empire.

3. He destroyed the Philistines and their culture so they would never threaten him again.

4. King David is portrayed as both a hero and a villain in various parts of the bible.

5. It’s not known whether he actually killed the giant Goliath.

6. He is said to have been obsessed with dating the wives of other men.

7. The Book of Chronicles censored his life story to avoid controversy.

8. King David was the youngest of 8 children.

9. “Speak truth to power” comes from officials confronting him over his infidelity.

10. His sons would go to war against one another after his death.

11. Jewish tradition claims he never died and is alive to this day.

12. He had an affair with Bathsheba – mother of King Solomon.

13. David was well known as a singer in his time.

14. Samuel chose him to be king of all Israel.

15. This was quite the promotion given he started his career as a humble shepherd!

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