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14 Interesting And Fun Facts About Chewtle From Pokemon

Chewtle is a Water-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves into Drednaw starting at level 22. Take a look below for 14 interesting and fun facts about Chewtle.

1. Chewtle is a turtle like Pokemon with a large teal head bigger than its body.

2. The top of its shell is a darker shade of blue with a brown trim, with a light brown underbelly, similar to Squirtle and its evolved forms.

3. It has what appears to be a single toe or claw at the ends of each foot.

4. Chewtle has an orange bulb on each of its cheeks, a darker tongue, and a short horn on the top of the head, which it uses to stun its opponents and open them for attack.

5. It has a single large tooth in its mouth, which it can use to bite down hard on targets.

6. It has a pair of nostrils directly above the mouth, and a pair of small eyes with a black rim directly above that, with a single large brow, giving it an almost angry look.

7. Chewtle snaps at anything in front of it because of an itch of its teething.

8. It is known to attack first with its horn, flinching them before biting down and not letting go.

9. Chewtle and its evolution are the only known Pokémon capable of learning the move Jaw Lock.

10. Chewtle appears to based on a common snapping turtle.

11. Chewtle may be a combination of chew and turtle.

12. In JN013, Team Rocket encountered a Chewtle while in Wyndon when it bit onto Jessie’s hair. Upon learning that it can evolve into Drednaw, they decided to present it to Giovanni. Chewtle emerged from the Rocket Prize Master in JN017, and it was used to battle Ash and Goh before the trio was sent blasting off. It later battled Goh’s Scorbunny, only to be defeated when it evolved into a Raboot.

13. A Chewtle appeared in Early-Evening Waves, under the ownership of Nessa. It was seen on a magazine. It is unclear if this Chewtle is her Drednaw in the present day.

14. In JNM06, a Chewtle was used by Team Rocket through the Rocket Prize Master, like in the anime.

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