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13 Fun And Awesome Facts About Dubwool From Pokemon

Dubwool is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves from Wooloo starting at level 24. Take a look below for 13 fun and awesome facts about Dubwool.

1. Dubwool is a sheep like Pokemon, with most of its body covered by a round coat of white wool with some black patches around it.

2. It has a gray woolly ring around its head from which two small curved horns extrude below its head.

3. Its head is mostly black with a white patch surrounding its mouth and nose and extending to its forehead in three petal-like tips.

4. It has two larger, longer, dark horns on top of its head which curve backwards.

5. Its nose is pink and its eyes are yellow with black irises and white horizontal pupils with small gray eyebrows above them.

6. Its legs are black with a visible ankle and with brown hooves.

7. It also has a short, black, pointy tail.

8. Dubwool’s wool is very springy.

9. Its horns serve the purpose of attracting the opposite gender rather than being used in battles.

10. Dubwool are known to mysteriously disappear whenever a Beheeyem visits.

11. Dubwool may be based on the Jacob sheep, a British breed of domestic sheep notable for its four horns and black-and-white color scheme.

12. The shape of its wool and the pattern on it may also be a reference to a soccer ball.

13. Dubwool may be a combination of double and wool.

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