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20 Fascinating And Interesting Facts About Hattrem From Pokemon

Hattrem is a Psychic-type Pokémon introduced in Generation VIII. It evolves from Hatenna starting at level 32 and evolves into Hatterene starting at level 42. Take a look below for 20 fascinating and interesting facts about Hattrem.

1. Hattrem is a small, vaguely humanoid Pokemon with a pink body and a large, light blue hair surrounding its head.

2. It has a conical point on top of its hair that is pink at the bottom and white at the top, with the tip being crooked and tapering off at the end.

3. This gives the hair the appearance of a witch’s hat.

4. On the side of its hair are two, large, blue bulbous growths that appears to be held by pink rings.

5. These growths resembles ponytails and it uses them to stand on.

6. It has two, thin arms lacking any digits, and a white ovular spot on its chest.

7. Its waist extends out into two lumps, with very small, light blue joint-less and digit-less legs.

8. Its eyes have black sclera and white pupils, with two pink dots for highlights that make its pupils vaguely resemble cartoon hearts.

9. Hattrem makes use of its ponytails as hands, pummeling its foes with them.

10. One blow from these ponytails would knock out a professional boxer.

11. Hattrem will violently silence anything nearby expressing or feeling strong emotions.

12. Hattrem, Morgrem, and their evolutionary families can be considered counterparts.

13. Both are Generation VIII Pokémon evolving from their pre-evolved form at level 32 then at level 42.

14. Hattrem and its evolutionary relatives are female only, while Morgrem and its evolutionary relatives are male only.

15. Their final evolved forms are both Fairy-type Pokémon with identical base experience and catch rates, and each Pokémon in each evolution line have the same base stat total as their counterpart (e.g. Hattrem and Morgrem both have a base stat total of 370).

16. Both Pokémon are also based on mythical beings from European folklore and mythology: Hattrem resembles a witch, and Morgrem resembles a goblin. Furthermore, both Pokémon use their hair as a weapon.

17. Hattrem may be based on the common belief in folklore that a witch’s power is connected to their hair.

18. Its appearance may be based on a witch’s ladder, which features knotted, corded, and/or beaded hair used to form a magic charm.

19. It may also be based on witch hats.

20. Hattrem may be a combination of hat and tremble.

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