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6 Awesome And Interesting Facts About CatchMamemon From Digimon

CatchMamemon is a Mutant Digimon. Take a look below for 6 awesome and interesting facts about CatchMamemon from Digimon.

1. It is a Digimon resulting from the digivolution of Mamemon after it was fused with the data from a file management software.

2. It has a serious personality and an uncompromising side, and seems to think that managing Digi-Eggs is its duty.

3. It is also capable of walking without needing to float, by using its arm parts as legs.

4. CatchMamemon is a small, ball-like Digimon wearing red boxing gloves operating a UFO with long arms ending in boxing gloves with studs on them.

5. It has a yellow lightning-shaped marking on its left eye.

6. A CatchMamemon hires Keisuke Amasawa to try out his Digimon Theme Park before it becomes available to the public. Keisuke has to answer multiple choice questions and if he gets any of them wrong, he is forced to start again. Luckily for Keisuke, the questions and answers never change, so he eventually completes the quiz and makes his way to CatchMamemon. CatchMamemon is excited and asks Keisuke’s opinion who states it needs something other than a quiz. CatchMamemon states that quizzes are popular with Digimon but will take his advice under consideration to attract humans to his Theme Park. He then states he will add Digimon Battles to his Theme Park and fights Keisuke as practice. After losing, he asks Keisuke to help him choose between one of three names for his park, as he cannot decide between Digimon Wonderland, CatchMamemon’s Kingdom and Super Catchland. Whatever option Keisuke chooses, CatchMamemon agrees to name the park. He then thanks Keisuke and asks him to visit when he opens officially.

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