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10 Fun And Awesome Facts About Brownsville, Oregon, United States

Brownsville is a city in Linn County, Oregon, United States. Take a look below for 10 fun and awesome facts about Brownsville, Oregon, United States.

1. As of the 2010 census the population was 1,668.

2. It is the setting for the fictional town of Castle Rock, Oregon, in the film Stand by Me.

3. Brownsville was originally known as “Calapooya” after the area’s original inhabitants, the Kalapuya Indians, or “Kirk’s Ferry”, after the ferry operated across the Calapooia River by early settlers Alexander and Sarah Kirk.

4. When Linn County was created from the southern portion of Champoeg County on December 28, 1847, the Provisional Legislature named Calapooia as the county seat.

5. The Spaulding School in Brownsville served as the original county courthouse.

6. Brownsville was named in honor of Hugh L. Brown, who settled there in 1846 and opened the first store.

7. In 1851, the Territorial Legislature passed an act establishing Albany as the county seat.

8. A special election in 1856 reaffirmed Albany as the county seat.

9. In the mid 1980s Brownsville assumed a modicum of international renown as the location for the film Stand by Me, directed by Rob Reiner.

10. The film was shot in and around the community in June and July 1985, with theatrical release in August 1986.

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