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7 Fascinating And Awesome Facts About Gokuwmon From Digimon

Gokuwmon is a Beast Man Digimon. Take a look below for 7 fascinating and awesome facts about Gokuwmon from Digimon.

1. It was born from within the boiling magma of Boot Volcano, and pursued strength and extracted modeling data from numerous databases, becoming a Combat Digimon that awakened to the combat instinct it was born with.

2. Although it is journeying across the Digital World to challenge formidable opponents and satiate the craving engraved inside of its heart, if it encounters an opponent that it judges to be strong it will insolently request a battle, regardless of the situation.

3. However, due to the “Kinkoji” which was placed on Gokuwmon’s head by Sanzomon when it was born, its head will be constricted and it will pass out if it swears to excess, so it reluctantly observes decorum.

4. Gokuwmon is proficient in a large number of martial and magical arts, and since the “Nyoikinkobou” in its hand is extensible, it can inflict strikes on enemies that are far away, and is also an all-purpose weapon that can fire a lightning cannon while connected, and fire lightning bullets as pistols when split in two.

5. Gokuwmon is based on Son Wukong.

6. Gokuwmon is Sanzomon’s student. He tried to stop Betsumon and Gumdramon from causing mischief in the Digital World, but was only able to capture Gumdramon. According to Gumdramon, he is as strong as Shoutmon.

7. Gokuwmon digivolves from Hanumon.

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