30 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Paris Hilton

Paris Whitney Hilton is an American businesswoman, socialite, television and media personality, singer and DJ. She’s the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Hotels. She was born in New York City and raised there and in Beverley Hills, California. Take a look below for 30 more fun and fascinating facts about Paris Hilton.

1. Hilton began her modeling career as a teenager when she signed with New York based modeling development agency Trump Model Management.

2. Her lifestyle and rumored short lived relationships made her a feature of entertainment news and tabloid magazines. She was proclaimed New York’s leading “it” girl in 2001.

3. In 2003, a sex tape with Hilton and her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon, which was later released as 1 Night in Paris, was leaked to the public.

4. The sex tape was released only three weeks before the premiere of the reality television series The Simple Life, in which she starred alongside her long time friend Nicole Richie. The tape ended up being a media sensation.

5. In 2004, Hilton released her book, Confessions of an Heiress, which became a New York Times Best Seller.

6. In 2005, she played a supporting role in the horror movie House of Wax.

7. In 2005, she signed to Warner Bros. Records as a singer and began working with producers such as Scott Storch, Tom Whalley, J.R. Rotem, Dr. Luke, Fernando Garibay and Kara DioGuardi on a pop album.

8. Hilton’s debut single “Stars Are Blind” was released worldwide in June, 2006, and quickly became an instant hit around the world, including getting to number one in Scotland.

9. In the United States, “Stars Are Blind” was among the highest debuting singles.

10. In 2006, the song entered the Billboard Hot 100 at number 18 due to strong digital sales and was played on more than 125 pop stations in the U.S. alone.

11. The self titled album, Paris, was released worldwide on August 22, 2006. The album reached number 6 on the Billboard 200 and has since sold over 600,000 copies worldwide.

12. In 2008, Paris released another reality television show called Paris Hilton’s My New BFF. She then released its two spin-offs: Paris Hilton’s British Best Friend and Paris Hilton’s Dubai BFF.

13. Hilton’s other acting credits include Bottoms Up, National Lampoon’s Pledge This!, The Hottie and the Nottie, Repo! The Genetic Opera, and Sofia Coppola’s movie The Bling Ring.

14. In 2012, Hilton announced her DJ career and made her debut at the Sao Paulo Pop Music Festival. Even though her performance was criticized, she became one of the highest paid celebrity DJ’s, holding club residencies all over the world.

15. In 2012, she returned to music and signed a record deal with Lil Wayne’s and Birdman’s label Cash Money Records.

16. Critics and admirers have stated that Hilton is famous for being famous, exemplifying the celebutante: which is a celebrity that became a celebrity not through talent or work, but through inherited wealth and lifestyle.

17. Hilton has parlayed her media fame into perfumes and a fashion line with her endorsement. Her fragrances alone have earned $1.5 billion.

18. There are currently three Paris Hilton apartment complexes and 44 Paris Hilton stores worldwide, with products including perfumes, handbags, watches and footwear.

19. Hilton earns $10 million per year just from product sales alone.

20. As of 2005, Hilton is paid $300,000 for appearances in clubs and events.

21. Hilton was born into an acting family. She’s related by marriage to Zsa Zsa Gabor, who married Hilton’s great-grandfather, Conrad Hilton.

22. She appeared in campaigns for leading clothing designers like Christian Dior and Tommy Hilfiger.

23. In September, 2006, Hilton was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. She was arrested and placed on probation.

24. Hilton feels that she herself is a brand and has an image to uphold. This is why she dyes her hair blonde and why she wears blue contacts over her natural brown eyes.

25. Her fame has spread to Korea as well, where she took part in a music video with the Korean singing sensation, Kim Jang Hoon. Rumors state that Hilton was paid $1 million for her part in the video.

26. Hilton is known for her catchphrase, “that’s hot.” She was able to officially trademark the works as her own to use on her merchandise.

27. Hilton was denied entry into Japan in September, 2010, after being questioned over her drug possession conviction earlier in the year. She was made to sleep overnight at the airport hotel.

28. Her grandfather, Barron Hilton, pledged 97% of the Hilton family wealth to the charity that was started by his father, Conrad Hilton.

29. The World of Warcraft massively multiplayer online role-playing game has featured a character named Haris Pilton, who was labeled a “Socialite.”

30. On September 6, 2007, Hilton filed an injunction lawsuit against Hallmark Cards Inc., titled Hilton v. Hallmark Cards, in U.S. District Court over the unlawful use of her picture and catchphrase “That’s hot” on a greeting card.

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