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30 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Magnezone From Pokemon

Magnezone is a dual type Electric and Steel Pokemon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from Magneton when leveled up in a special magnetic field. It is the final form of Magnemite. Take a look below for 30 fun and fascinating facts about Magnezone.

1. Magnezone is the result of Magneton leveling up in the presence of a special magnetic field.

2. The evolution is done on a molecular level, but despite this, scientists have failed at attempts to force it.

3. Magnezone’s body is wide and circular, similar to a disc or saucer, with a thin edge circling the diameter of its body.

4. Its main eye is in the center, containing a large, red pupil.

5. On each side of its body, it has a ball shaped addition, with each side containing an eye, horseshoe magnet, and Phillips head screw.

6. These secondary eyes can move independently of its main eye, as shown in Confronting the Darkness!

7. On top of its head is a tall, thin, yellow rod, closely resembling an antenna, which it uses for certain attacks.

8. Behind its body is a third horseshoe magnet, positioned like a tail.

9. Magnezone is a seemingly-mechanical, genderless creature, but it has emotions, a way of reproducing, and the need for nourishment.

10. With its magnets, it has the ability to control anti-gravity and float through the air at will.

11. As seen in Giratina and the Sky Warrior and Phantom Thief Pokémon 7, Magnezone’s anti-gravity is strong enough to carry humans with ease.

12. Magnezone is rarely seen in the wild, but as seen in the anime, Magnezone can be very aggressive and territorial. However, it will rarely attack unless provoked.

13. Magnezone is said to be one of the best defensive Pokémon yet.

14. It flies through the night sky, often mistaken for a UFO sighting, though it seems to be receiving and sending signals from an unknown source and an unknown purpose.

15. This leads some people to believe that Magnezone came from outer space.

16. As there is no strongly electromagnetic location in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, it is impossible to evolve Magneton into a Magnezone in these games. The same applies for Probopass, Leafeon, and Glaceon. All have to be traded from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum to be obtained.

17. The colors on the ends of Magnezone’s magnets can turn on and off at will, as seen in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series and the 3D Pokémon games.

18. In Pokémon Battle Revolution and later games, if Magnezone falls asleep, its central “eye” remains open. However, the outer eyes close.

19. In the September 2013 Pokémon Direct, Magnezone was mistakenly labeled as a female Pokémon, when it should be genderless. It was later corrected on the official website.

20. Despite most depictions of Magnezone showing they are able to float through the air, Magnezone does not have the Ability Levitate, so it is still affected by Ground-type moves. However, Magnezone can learn Magnet Rise, which simulates Levitate for five turns.

21. Magnezone appears to be based on the concept of a fused Magneton; one of the Magnemite taking a larger form and the remaining two Magnemite taking the forms of the smaller bodies on each side.

22. The Magnemite evolution line seem to be based on the objectification of electromagnetism, one of the four fundamental interactions of nature. Magnezone in particular is possibly based on electromagnetic forming caused by electromagnetic fields and combined with an objectification in the form of a flying saucer or a UFO.

23. Magnezone is a shortening and combination of magnetic zone, an alternative name for a magnetic field.

24. Magnezone debuted in Giratina and the Sky Warrior, under the ownership of Zero. Despite Zero’s maniacal behavior, Magnezone was very loyal to him. Magnezone generally acted as a leader to Zero’s army of Magnemite and Magneton.

25. A wild Magnezone appeared in Regaining the Home Advantage!, which also served as the species’ main series debut; it battled nonstop with a Metagross. These two Pokémon normally battled with each other on a regular basis until their “battle arena”, a deep crater, was filled up with water. Because their crater was no longer usable, they took their battle to the streets of a nearby town, and continued fighting, causing much collateral damage.

26. A Magnezone appeared in Secrets From Out of the Fog!, Meowth, Colress and Team Rivalry!, and Ash and N: A Clash of Ideals!, under the ownership of Barret. It was often relied on for battling situations.

27. A Magnezone appeared in Confronting the Darkness!, under the ownership of Belmondo. He used it to battle Clemont and his Luxray, but it was soon defeated.

28. A Magnezone appeared in the ending credits of Zoroark: Master of Illusions’, under the ownership of a Pokémon Baccer World Cup participant.

29. Six Magnezone appeared in The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination!, where they were among the Electric-type Pokémon being controlled by Team Rocket.

30. A Magnezone appeared in Racing to a Big Event!, under the ownership of Anna. It was used to give her an aerial view of the Pokémon Pancake Race. Magnezone later reappeared in Mounting an Electrifying Charge!, where it was used to fly around the arena during the Charjabug race.

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