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27 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Gardevoir From Pokemon

Gardevoir is a dual type Psychic and Fairy Pokemon introduced in Generation III. Prior to Generation VI, it was a pure Psychic type Pokemon. It evolves from Kirlia starting at level 30. It is one of Ralts‘s final forms, the other being Gallade. It can Mega Evolve into Mega Gardevoir using the Gardevoirite. Take a look below for 27 amazing and interesting facts about Gardevoir.

1. Gardevoir is a bipedal, humanoid Pokemon whose body resembles a flowing gown.

2. Most of its body is white, but its hair, arms, and the underside of its gown are green.

3. Its hair curls over its face and down the sides of its head.

4. Behind its red eyes are short spikes, resembling a masquerade mask. 

5. It has long arms with three fingers on each hand and slender white legs.

6. A red, fin-like horn extends from its chest, and a shorter, more rounded horn extends from the back.

7. A band of green on its chest extends to the center of the front horn and connects to its sleeve-like arms.

8. As Mega Gardevoir, it turns almost completely white; only its hair remains green. Its gown becomes longer and wider, resembling a bridal gown. The forearms are slightly thicker with a pointed extension above the elbow. Its facial spikes are larger and now curl upwards.

9. In contrast, its hair is now shorter and more tightly curled. There are now two horns in the center of its chest, extending to either side. These horns are said to be a physical manifestation of this Pokémon’s heart, and it is able to use tremendous psychic power now that it is open.

10. Gardevoir’s number in the Sinnoh Pokédex (Platinum only) and the Almia Browser are the same: 159.

11. Gardevoir’s Attack and Special Attack are the reverse of Gallade’s.

12. Mega Gardevoir has the highest base Special Attack of all Fairy-type Pokémon and the highest Special Defense stat of all non-Legendary Psychic-type Pokémon.

13. Gardevoir and Gallade are the only Pokémon capable of Mega Evolution that are in the same evolutionary family.

14. As of Generation VIII, Gardevoir and its evolutionary relatives are the only Pokémon that are in the Amorphous and Human-Like Egg Groups.

15. Gardevoir resembles a principal dancer. Its exaggerated head with minimal facial expression and an overall frail, featureless physique could also be attributed to anesama ningyou, a style of traditional Japanese paper doll.

16. Its loyalty and protective nature over its Trainer may suggest that it is based on a guardian angel or familiar spirit, though its ghost-like characteristics could also suggest that it is based on ghosts that refuse to leave the physical world.

17. Gardevoir may be a combination of garde (French for guard) and devoir (French for duty). It may also be a combination of garder (French verb for to keep) and voir (French verb for to see), reflected in its Pokédex data, which explains how Gardevoir will protect its Trainer even at the cost of its own life and that Gardevoir has the ability to see into the future.

18. Gardevoir is able to see the future using its psychic powers. Additionally, it is able to create small black holes, distort dimensions, and support itself without feeling the pull of gravity. Its power reaches its peak when protecting its Trainer, whom it will protect with its life. This Pokémon inhabits urban areas.

19. Diantha owns a Gardevoir, which first appeared in The Bonds of Evolution!. It can also Mega Evolve into Mega Gardevoir.

20. A Gardevoir appeared in Do I Hear a Ralts?. It was the parent of the sick Ralts that Max and Ash’s Snorunt were taking to the Pokémon Center.

21. A Gardevoir appeared in Mutiny in the Bounty, under the ownership of Melodi. It was stolen by Pokémon Hunter J. It proved to have a deep psychic connection with its Trainer and was able to hear her through thought.

22. A Gardevoir debuted in Team Plasma’s Pokémon Manipulation!, under the ownership of Concordia. It reappeared in Secrets From Out of the Fog! and What Lies Beyond Truth and Ideals!.

23. A Shiny Gardevoir that can Mega Evolve appeared in Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel, under the ownership of Kimia. It is her main Pokémon.

24. Gardevoir debuted in a cameo appearance in the opening sequence of Destiny Deoxys.

25. Gardevoir made its main series debut in Pokéblock, Stock, and Berry.

26. A Coordinator’s Gardevoir appeared briefly in Spontaneous Combusken, where it was seen competing in the Chrysanthemum Contest.

27. A Gardevoir appeared in the opening sequence of Zoroark: Master of Illusions.

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