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27 Fun And Interesting Facts About Danny Gonzalez

Danny Gonzalez is a popular American YouTube star best known for his “I talk about a thing” video series and skits. He fell in love with technology from a young age and had already perfected the art of editing videos when he was in the seventh grade. Take a look below for 27 more fun and interesting facts about Danny Gonzalez.

1. He began his career in 2013 as a vine star on the 6 second sharing app.

2. During this time, he worked with several notable vine stars and internet stars including; BigNik, Brennan Taylor, Thomas Sanders and Esa Fungtastic.

3. By the time Vine ended, he had already amassed himself over 2.8 million fans.

4. He then shifted to YouTube, where he currently has more than 2.4 million subscribers on his self-titled channel.

5. Gonzalez is great at parodying songs and various popular music styles.

6. He recently released his original song titled “Spooky Boy” on Halloween, which was a major hit.

7. He was born on June 12th, 1994, in Illinois, United States.

8. He has managed to keep most details relating to his early childhood and family away from the public, so little is known about his siblings.

9. He attended and graduated from a high school in Atlanta.

10. He then enrolled at Georgia Institute of Technology, where he graduated with a degree in Computer Science.

11. Gonzalez started his career in 2013 when he was 19 years old.

12. He reportedly broke the internet with his first vine video, “Target headphones like what’s up.”

13. He posted his first YouTube video on October 2, 2014, titled “NEW Best Vines of 2014 – FUNNIEST Danny Gonzalez Vine Compilation.”

14. Over the years, Gonzalez has been posting videos on his steadily growing YouTube channel.

15. On July 2017, he posted a video titled “Zack King is a Monster,” which became an instant hit propelling his popularity further.

16. Some of his other popular videos have been “Trying Troom Troom’s Awful Pranks” and “Reacting To My Old Vines”, which have received over 5 million and 3 million views, respectively.

17. Beside his rising career as a YouTuber, Gonzalez is also an upcoming musician.

18. Some of the hi songs he has released include; Beef With me, Spooky Boy, Dab on the Haters, De Mi, and Vape Tricks.

19. At the age of 24, Gonzalez is happily married to Laura. There’s no available information about their past relationships or of Laura.

20. When ti comes to his private life, Gonzalez keeps it away from the public view.

21. His past Vine career and his current YouTube career leaves him with a net worth of at least $500,000.

22. He’s about 5 foot and 11 inches and weighs about 70 kilograms.

23. He has a very witty personality and likes making others laugh.

24. Whenever he’s not shooting, he likes to spend quality time with his wife and friends.

25. Besides YouTube, Gonzalez has an active presence on other platforms like Twitter and Instagram, with hundreds of thousands of followers on his accounts there.

26. On October 23, 2018, he created a video called “Papa Has Been Replaced,” where he reacts to BillionSurpriseToys doing comedic commentary on how the “Papa” character has been replaced with a different father.

27. BillionSurpriseToys filed a false copyright claim against Gonzalez, which is ironic since he was boasting about the video not having been taken down at the start of the video.

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