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23 Interesting And Awesome Facts About Lily Chee

Lily Chee is an American model and actress, who gained prominence after playing a minor role in the popular television series, “Daredevil.” She was also seen in the 2017 crime action movie, “Sunset Park.” Take a look below for 23 more interesting and awesome facts about Lily Chee.

1. She has accounts on various social media platforms and is quite famous on Instagram.

2. Chee has a modeling career and has already posed for renowned brands like Target and Old Navy.

3. She has walked the ramp at Petite Parade Fashion Show and has worked with the popular designer Alivia Simone.

4. Chee was born on September 19, 2003, in Atlanta.

5. She was raised by her parents and spent her childhood along with her sisters, Mabel and Nuala.

6. Chee was spotted by an agent from Wilhelmina Models while she was shopping with her father after a game of soccer. When she was approached by the agent, Lily was happy to try out modeling.

7. In “Daredevil,” Chee played a young Elektra. Thought it was a minor role, her dedication and acting skills were appreciated by many.

8. While shooting for the television series, Lily had pulled off some difficult stunt moves with ease, which gained her recognition and appreciation.

9. She then appeared in the 2017 crime action movie “Sunset Park,” where she payed young Jessica Rho.

10. With more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, Chee is an internet celebrity.

11. She posts interesting and eye catching pictures and videos on her Instagram page.

12. She also features her sisters, who too are social media stars, on her Instagram page.

13. She’s also active on Twitter and YouTube, where she has thousands of followers.

14. Through her Twitter and YouTube accounts, Lily gives her fans a sneak peek at her personal life.

15. While her Twitter page has more than 5,000 followers, her YouTube channel has over 15,000 subscribers.

16. Her YouTube channel has videos related to skincare routine, makeup routine, sister tags, and challenge videos.

17. Some of her most viewed videos like “Everyday Makeup Routine,” “My Nighttime Routine,” and “2018 January Favorite,” have collected thousands of views.

18. She likes spending time with her sisters and was responsible for getting her sister Mabel into modeling.

19. It was Lily who introduced Mabel to the modeling agency, which she was associated with and helped her sister become popular.

20. Chee loves to travel to different places and countries. She’s often accompanied by her sisters and her father in all her foreign trips.

21. She is half Chinese as her father is of Chinese origin.

22. She loves playing soccer and can often be seen practicing her soccer skills, along with her father.

23. Chee loves spending time with her pet dog and often features her dog in her videos and pictures.

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