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26 Fun And Interesting Facts About Zigzagoon From Pokemon

Zigzagoon is a Normal type Pokemon introduced in Generation III. It evolves into Linoone starting at level 20. In Galar, Zigzagoon has a Dark and Normal type regional form. It evolves into Galarian Linoone starting at level 20, which evolves into Obstagoon when leveled up at night starting at level 35. Take a look below for 26 fun and interesting facts about Zigzagoon.

1. Zigzagoon is a raccoon like, quadruped Pokemon with bristly, zigzag-patterned fur.

2. It has stripes formed by alternating layers of cream and brown fur.

3. It has a brown head with spiky ears and a black nose.

4. A black, mask pattern surrounds its brown eyes. 

5. The upper half of its mouth is jagged, and when it is open, there are two pointed teeth in its lower jaw.

6. Its feet have three claws and pink paw pads.

7. Its forefeet are cream-colored, but the hind feet are brown.

8. Its brush tail is spiky and bristly.

9. In Galar, the oldest and original form of Zigzagoon have a more black and white patterned-fur. The red eyes are surrounded by a black spiked mask. The black feet contains three sharp white claws. It has a long pink tongue that is constantly standing outside of mouth with two lower teeth in between.

10. Zigzagoon is abundantly curious, as it wanders restlessly back and forth while rubbing its nose to the ground in search of something.

11. It rubs its bristly back hair against trees to mark its territory, and plays dead to fool opponents in battle.

12. Zigzagoon is found commonly in grassy fields.

13. The Zigzagoon in Galar are known to be constantly on the move and never settling down.

14. It is believed that the zigzag movements of the Zigzagoon from other regions originated from its Galar relatives.

15. They enjoy battling to the point they often attempt to prove others into fighting it.

16. While this succeeded with other Pokémon, humans instead mistaken it wanting affection, much to the Zigzagoon’s frustrations.

17. Zigzagoon is one of the two Pokémon left out of the Hoenn Pokérap; the other is Relicanth.

18. A Shiny Zigzagoon was given to games from an interactive demo to fix the Berry Glitch.

19. Zigzagoon has the same Hoenn Pokédex and Central Kalos Pokédex numbers.

20. A Zigzagoon can be seen in the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Introduction Animation.

21. Although Zigzagoon’s category suggests it is based on a raccoon, it also shares several similarities with the Japanese raccoon dog (Nyctereutes procyonoides viverrinus), also known as the tanuki. Japanese folklore and legend claims that tanuki are tricksters, masters of disguise and capable of shapeshifting, though also absent-minded and gullible. Tanukis are also known for drumming on their bellies with their front paws, like Zigzagoon has been known to do.

22. Galarian Zigzagoon seems to be based more on ordinary raccoons than tanukis, as evidenced by its black-and-white color scheme.

23. Zigzagoon may be a combination of zigzag (referring to its fur pattern and unusual habits) and raccoon.

24. Multiple Zigzagoon appeared in In the Knicker of Time, where Nicholai spent much of the episode trying to catch one. He was eventually successful. Nicholai’s Zigzagoon reappeared in Zig Zag Zangoose!. In both episodes, it was used in a battle against Ash and his Pokémon.

25. A Zigzagoon appeared in The Blue Badge of Courage, under the ownership of one of the Gym Badge thieves. It and a Poochyena battled Misty’s Psyduck and Sakura’s Espeon, but both were defeated.

26. A Zigzagoon appeared in Candid Camerupt!, under the ownership of Victor Winstrate. It battled Brock’s Mudkip and was able to defeat it using Thunderbolt.

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