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26 Fun And Fascinating Facts About Starmie From Pokemon

Starmie is a dual type Water and Psychic Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Staryu when exposed to a Water Stone. Take a look below for 26 fun and interesting facts about Starmie.

1. Starmie is a Pokemon that resembles two violet starfish with five appendages each.

2. The front starfish has a golden formation in the center.

3. In the center of the golden casing is its red jewel core, which can glow in seven colors and has developed to resemble a cut precious stone.

4. The second starfish is semi-attached to the back of the first and can spin 360 degrees.

5. This rotational action is how Starmie swims through the ocean.

6. It can also launch itself out of the water and fly through the air for short periods, as seen in Pokémon Snap.

7. From its core, Starmie can emit electrical waves that are powerful enough to reach the furthest parts of the universe.

8. The multi-color glowing of its core is also believed to be a method of communication inside the species.

9. As seen in the anime, the core will go dark if Starmie is knocked unconscious and will sometimes flicker if Starmie is low on health.

10. Because of its body shape and habit of sending transmissions skyward, some people believe this Pokémon to be extraterrestrial.

11. Being the result of an evolution via evolutionary stone, Starmie is rarely seen in the wild, but it can be found in the deepest parts of the ocean. It is Lumineon’s favorite food.

12. Despite being a genderless Pokémon, Staryu and Starmie were programmed to learn Egg moves in Gold and Silver; however, due to being genderless, these were unobtainable. This was fixed in Crystal.

13. Also, they are one of the few genderless Pokémon able to learn Attract in Generation II, along with Mew.

14. In the Japanese exclusive Pokémon Stadium, Starmie seems to have originally been a lot more rubbery than it is now, as its limbs stretch when it’s hit.

15. Starmie appears to be a stylized starfish. Given its ties to outer space, it may also be a pun on a literal star.

16. Starmie’s gem being cut evokes the idea of some form of jewelry. Notably, the eight facets prominently witnessed upon Starmie’s gemstone (adjacent to the center facet) would be called the star facets, were it a real jewel.

17. Starmie also bears some resemblance to the Star of Ishtar. Ishtar, also called Inanna, is known as Queen of Heaven.

18. Starmie may be derived from star (referring to its shape) and mie, which may involve mi (gem or jewel), referring to its core. In English, mie may be a corruption of me (the personal pronoun), in contrast to the yu (you) in Staryu. This pun is not present in the Japanese names since Staryu’s Japanese name is different from its English name.

19. Starmie debuted in The Water Flowers of Cerulean City. Misty used it in battle fairly often, but preferred to use her Staryu more. In The Misty Mermaid, she left it at the Cerulean Gym for her sisters.

20. A Starmie appeared in Bye Bye Psyduck, under the ownership of Marina. It was used to battle Misty, facing off against a Golduck that was under her command at the time. It was defeated when the force of Golduck’s Hyper Beam shattered its Light Screen.

21. A Starmie appeared in Misty Meets her Match, under the ownership of Rudy, the Gym Leader of Trovita Island. It was used in his battle against Ash, where it battled Squirtle and was defeated by its newly-learned Hydro Pump. Starmie reappeared in a flashback in Hello, Pummelo!.

22. A wild Starmie appeared in Going for the Gold!, where it attacked Team Rocket’s submarine with Thunderbolt.

23. A Starmie appeared in Battle Aboard the St. Anne, where it was defeated by Ash’s Raticate.

24. A Starmie appeared in The Battling Eevee Brothers during the evolution party in Stone Town.

25. A Starmie appeared in Pikachu’s Vacation as one of the Pokémon seen at the Pokémon Theme Park.

26. A Starmie appeared in Celebi: The Voice of the Forest.

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