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26 Awesome And Fascinating Facts About Poliwhirl From Pokemon

Poliwhirl is a Water type Pokemon introduced in Generation I. It evolves from Poliwag starting at level 25. It evolves into Poliwrath when exposed to a Water Stone or Politoed when traded holding a King’s Rock. Take a look below for 26 awesome and fascinating facts about Poliwhirl.

1. Poliwhirl is a blue, bipedal Pokemon with a spherical body.

2. It has bulbous eyes that protrude from the top of its head.

3. A black and white swirl covers its belly, which is actually its organs showing through its thin skin.

4. It appears to have white gloves on its hands and rounded, digit-less feet.

5. When out of water, it sweats to keep its skin moist and healthy.

6. This keeps it covered in an oily fluid that allows it to slip away from enemies.

7. All of its skin feels this way except where its swirl is, which is instead very smooth.

8. The swirl on its belly undulates slowly and staring at it induces drowsiness.

9. While Poliwhirl is capable of moving on land, it prefers to stay in freshwater ponds and lakes where it has fewer natural enemies.

10. It feeds on both bug and fish Pokémon.

11. While it will leave the water to capture bug Pokémon, it will return and consume them underwater in safety.

12. The logo for the Pokémon Center in Tokyo featured Poliwhirl until it was replaced by Piplup in July 2007.

13. Poliwhirl was also featured prominently on the center of the November 22nd, 1999 issue of Time Magazine.

14. Poliwhirl’s sprites and artwork are inconsistent with respect to its gloves. Sometimes they are depicted as mittens, while other times they have separate fingers.

15. All spritework from FireRed and LeafGreen onwards feature Poliwhirl with mitten-like hands. Because of this, Poliwhirl is one of the few Pokémon to have its Emerald sprite differ from the Ruby and Sapphire one.

16. Poliwhirl shares its category with Poliwag, Poliwrath, and Tympole. They are all known as the Tadpole Pokémon.

17. Poliwhirl is based on a glass frog.

18. The spiral pattern on its belly is supposed to represent how the organs of these frogs and other tadpoles can sometimes be seen through their transparent skin.

19. Its evolution is based on a tadpole’s metamorphosis.

20. Poliwhirl may be a combination of polliwog and whirl (referring to the spiral on its stomach).

21. Misty had a Poliwhirl in The Totodile Duel that she caught as a Poliwag; it eventually evolved into a Politoed during Outrageous Fortunes.

22. A Poliwhirl appeared in Tie One On!, under the ownership of Vincent. It was used in a battle against Macy, where it was defeated by her Quilava despite having the type advantage.

23. Poliwhirl debuted in Primeape Goes Bananas.

24. A Poliwhirl appeared in The Battling Eevee Brothers, where it evolved into a Poliwrath during the evolution party in Stone Town.

25. A Poliwhirl appeared in A Chansey Operation.

26. A Poliwhirl appeared as an image in the Japanese version of The Ultimate Test.

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