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26 Amazing And Fun Facts About Durant From Pokemon

Durant is a dual-type Bug/Steel Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon. Take a look below for 26 amazing and fun facts about Durant.

1. Durant is an insectoid Pokemon with a steel body that has three distinct sections.

2. Its ovoid abdomen is dark gray with a light gray band wrapping around the middle and two circles resembling rivets near a jagged seam.

3. Durant’s thorax is slightly smaller, but identical in design with its abdomen.

4. The only difference being one circle instead of two.

5. Its head is spherical, containing the same light gray wrap design as its body. However, it wraps from front to back on the head.

6. On each side of its head are large red eyes with hollow black pupils.

7. It has two round mandibles that it uses to grab things and feed itself.

8. The mandibles are attached below its eyes and are situated in front of its horizontally opening mouth.

9. Atop its head are two long antennae, each tipped with small spheres.

10. Durant has six black legs sprouting from its thorax. 

11. Each leg has one claw at its tip, except the front legs that each have two.

12. Durant is extremely territorial.

13. It only lives in colonies and digs mazes underground designed to be as complicated as possible.

14. It grows steel armor to protect itself from its natural predator, Heatmor.

15. When attacked, Durant gathers in groups to attack as a whole to keep Heatmor away.

16. They also gather together when protecting their eggs from Sandaconda.

17. As seen in the anime, Durant prefers to eat vegetation, namely leaves.

18. It will attack swiftly and aggressively if bothered, but will not pursue intruders once outside of its colony.

19. Durant and Heatmor were both designed by Ken Sugimori.

20. Durant being the prey of Heatmor is reflected in their types.

21. Durant and Heatmor have many statistical similarities. They share the same leveling rate, catch rate, hatch time, base experience yield, and base stat total.

22. Durant is the only Steel-type to have an insectoid body.

23. Durant is based on an ant, possibly the Argentine ant, as its jaw is similar to Durant’s. Its coloration may be based on the natural silver coloration of the silver spiny ant (Polyrhachis sp.).

24. Durant may be a combination of durable or endurance (referring to its Steel type) and ant.

25. Multiple Durant debuted in Battling the Leaf Thieves!, where they accidentally kidnapped Iris’s Axew while gathering food.

26. Multiple Durant appeared in Genesect and the Legend Awakened as residents of Pokémon Hills. At one point, they attacked Team Rocket.

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