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25 Interesting And Fun Facts About Whiplash

Whiplash is the name of multiple fictional characters that appear in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Each Whiplash is a supervillain in the Marvel Universe, with the first and latest appearing as members of Iron Man‘s Rouges Gallery. Take a look below for 25 more interesting and fun facts about Whiplash.

1. The original Whiplash, Mark Scarlotti, also went by the name Blacklash.

2. The newest Whiplash, Anton Vanko, is based on the version of the character that appears in the 2010 movie Iron Man 2.

3. The original Whiplash was killed by Iron Man’s Sentient Armor, which crushed Scarlotti’s throat against Tony Stark’s wishes.

4. The second Whiplash was Leeann Foreman, a professional criminal born in Wilmington, Delaware.

5. Leeann Foreman was a mutant with unrevealed abilities that used adamantium wires connected to her gloves as whips. She was part of Critical Mass’s mutant Band of Baddies.

6. Leeann Foreman was last seen in the Bar With No Name and in a black market auction looking for the Venom Symbiote.

7. Two villains, a woman who is the third Whiplash and a man who is the second Blacklash, appear during the outset of the Superhuman Civil War. Both of them were past associates of the Swordsman, Andreas von Strucker.

8. Anton Vanko, the most current Whiplash, is a young scientist from a small Russian village by the name of Volstok who has no relation to the original Crimson Dynamo.

9. Anton Vanko’s obsession with Iron Man comes from the day his village was attacked by someone wearing a stolen suit of Iron Man armor, who murders a number of townspeople, including Vanko’s father Igor Vanko, in an attempt to frame Tony Stark.

10. The character was created shortly before the Iron Man 2 movie premiered, as a way to introduce a comic version of the Whiplash presented in the movie.

11. The Anton Vanko version of Whiplash wasn’t very accurate to any other version of Whiplash created in the comics.

12. Originally, Vanko had short black hair, and had a long green wig included in his armor’s mask. In later appearances, he went on to actually have long green hair.

13. Whiplash’s armor is created from the Iron Man Mark 29 armor and equipped with two electrically charged whips in the wrists.

14. His whips are strong enough to slice through a metal staircase and can deflect bullets or be spun like propellers for limited flight time.

15. His suit of armor has a pair of infrared contact lenses that give him night vision and the ability to perceive thermographic images through solid objects.

16. Whiplash’s two whips are constructed from the coppers wires of the electromagnetic motor that powers the Mark 29 armor’s weaponry. The whips are spring loaded and can extend up to 25 feet in length.

17. Whiplash primarily uses his whips for slicing through solid objects, but he can also reverse their polarity and use them as grappling weapons or spin them for defensive purposes, such as deflecting bullets.

18. Vanko is a skilled athlete and has vast knowledge of technology, as he was able to make his armor from a destroyed piece of Star Technology.

19. Vanko possesses the strength of a man of his height and build who engages in intensive regular exercise. Without the help of his armor, he has no superhuman powers.

20. Mark Scarlotti used to wear a bulletproof costume and wield a pair of cybernetically-controlled titanium whips that could extend to be swung fast enough to deflect bullets.

21. Scarlotti used to also carry a variety of devices in a weapons pouch, including anti-gravity bolas and a necro-lash, which releases electrical energy generated by his gauntlets.

22. Orson Scott Card’s Ultimate Iron Man features an alternate universe version of Whiplash called Marc Scott, who is a businessman competing with Tony Star for military contracts through his company called Whiplash.

23. The Ultimate Marvel version of Whiplash appears in the 150th issue of Ultimate Spider-Man. He’s among a crowd at Tony Stark’s donation party outside the New York Hall of Science, when he attacks him, only to be stopped by Spider-Man.

24. A new, female version of Whiplash is later seen in the Ultimate Marvel Universe as part of a team of mercenaries known as the Femme Fatales.

25. Mickey Rourke portrays Ivan Vanko, an original character based on Whiplash and the Crimson Dynamo, in the Iron Man 2 movie.

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